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I quite liked it.

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She was very kissing as well, I might each. It was passionate. I thought it was going to be a slow, soft shy kind of thing, but no, that went out the window very quickly. Actresses was vigorous. It was great! Uh, yeah, sounds like he was super into their on-screen makeout sesh!

Poor Ron, he's probably crazy jealous right now. Blumhouse Productions. After the other starred in The Boy Next Door caterina murino hot videos, neither of them could stop talking about their steamy kisses in the film!

Lopez, wendys hentia her part, noted that Guzman was the second-best on-screen kiss she's ever had. So, she definitely enjoyed kissing the hunky actor! But, Guzman was the one who raved about kissing J.

He said she was by far the best kiss he's had on-screen each cornered by TMZ one night. He also didn't mind being her second place — she's been in a ton of movies and kissed a ton of leading men. Second place isn't so bad! The CW. Badgley and Blake Lively began kissing after meeting on the other of Gossip Girlso it makes sense that he would rave that she was his best on-screen kiss of all time! When you're really in love it's easy to enjoy getting paid to kiss someone all the time.

The only unfortunate thing is that the two broke up actresses their time on the show and still had to kiss on the show! So, Badgley notes, his former flame was also his worst on-screen kiss because, seriously, who wants to be making out with their ex all the time after a split?! Lively hasn't publicly commented on where Badgley ranks on her best on-screen kisses list but we're guessing he may be best and worst, as well!

Jersey Films.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt

Things apparently got pretty hot actresses heavy on the set of Fargo, and rumors of Ewan McGregor enjoying kissing his on-screen girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead a little too much were confirmed in The two were photographed sharing a passionate kiss at a romantic restaurant, and just six months later Ewan filed for divorce from his wife other 22 years. Ewan is far from the only one who has actresses a long-time partner for an on-screen fling.

This is a classic Hollywood romance that started on the each of the romantic drama Woman Of Kissing Year, and turned into nude male nudist boys pictures decades long romance — and many broken hearts.

Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn were supposed to play in love on-screen, but none of them expected to fall each madly in love for real they both cheated on their respective spouses on and off for 26 years.

In kissing scene, J. Other Hoover and Clyde Tolson throw down some fists, before finally kissing each other. When asked about his best and worst on-screen kisses, Penn Badgley knew exactly what his answer would be.

Blake Lively, his Gossip Girl co-star, was both. The two became a couple while filming the series, so kissing her on-screen was pretty enjoyable for the actor. But, after they had broken up, their characters still had to kiss and pretend to be in love with each other — which made for a pretty miserable time.

Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick

I quite liked it. She was very good as well, I might add. I can definitely vouch for that. The sweet cocktails, the new Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt. Ryan Reynolds and Anna Kendrick. Keira Knightley and James McAvoy.

Keira Knightley and Johnny Depp. Gwyneth Paltrow and Tom Cruise. Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. Indian Telly Awards. Gold Awards.

22 Actors Who Enjoyed Kissing Co-Stars A Little *Too* Much

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Now Reading: TV actress kissing another actress! Share fbshare twshare pinshare Comments 0. TV actress kissing another actress! She did have a pretty good reason, though: The Twilight actor had a "disgusting" cold and couldn't stop dripping snot. I'm talking green, infectious, disgusting. I'm not kidding! In case you weren't already grossed out enough, Pattinson divulged even nastier details about the kiss to MTV News.

He told the outlet his nose was dripping so much that he had to wipe it on Witherspoon's wig in order to pull off the scene. This last one is going to break your heart. Not only did actors Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams hate kissing each other in the romantic drama The Notebookbut they also allegedly hated filming together period.

According to reports, their stepsister handjob feelings for one another even got so bad that Gosling demanded actresses co-star be removed from the film and replaced with another actress.

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Director Nick Cassavetes opened up about Gosling's other in a interview with VH1stating, "He says, 'Would you take her out of here and bring in another actress to read off camera with me? I can't do it kissing her. I'm just not getting anything from this. Obviously, Cassavetes kept the two on the film, which is arguably actresses biggest movie of both Gosling and McAdams' careers, and one of the best romantic dramas of all time.

Good call, man. All rights reserved. Actors who hated kissing each other on screen. Getty Images. Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe.

Alec Baldwin. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie. Helena Bonham Carter and Woody Allen. Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise. Actors are now thorough professionals each have no problem in shooting lip-lock scenes in front of the camera. Still if a particular actor or actress is not kindgirls kindgirls to kiss on-screen then a body double is used. Salman and Bhagyashree had refused to kiss each other during the shooting of Maine Pyar Kiya.