Amaetur teen bodybuilding competition

Hearing their feedback is what got me motivated to always get better. I love the response I get from people who have not seen me in months.

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By graduation, I was a solid pounds and around eight percent body fat. When I moved to college, I met new people in the gym and always got asked, "When do you compete?

I'd never considered competing before this, but apparently people thought I was in good enough shape to. So I decided to sign up for my first competition and get in the best shape of my life. I always want to be better than the day before.

I don't ever want to look at myself years down the road and wish I would've worked harder. I also enjoy getting to meet people and hearing different methods of working out and how they've influenced their bodies. There are so many different routines and workouts to try. My workout partner understands and respects the game like I do. I plan to compete on May 31,in Mississippi in the teen division.

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Southern Workhorse

The competition is a national qualifier. That's what my eyes are on right now. The secret to success is to improve in all aspects of life no matter where you are or what situation is. Don't listen to the naysayers. Nobody can take away your dream. When you want to succeed as bad as you need your next breathe, you will be successful. He who conquers others is strong, but he who conquers himself is mighty. I look up to Kai Greene.


Competitive sports drove Brandon to obsess over conditioning. See how this teen took training to another level and built a physique stacked with symmetry! Training came naturally to Jonathan in his early years, but learning the power of nutrition took his gains to unforeseen levels.

Fitness ignited changes to Karina's body that she could believe in. Now she wins figure trophies like they're going out of style. See how this teen prepared to dominate!

Teen Amateur Of The Week: Andrew Conquers The Competition!

Jasmine's fitness knowledge grew daily as a personal trainer and competitor. Now she's well-schooled on the subject and plans to put her hard work to use! See how! Hip degeneration and labral tears ripped basketball from Daniel's life, but he didn't give in to injury.

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See how this teen battled back and lifted teen iron to build a powerful physique! George went from bodybuilding a six pack more than anything to firmly believing that he can build a body worthy of the Olympia stage. Get the plans that fuel his tenacious work ethic! Bodybuilding transformed James into a man of steel. I always wanted to work out at a gym, but my parents told me I was too young, and told me wives' tales about how it competition stunt my growth. Finally, I convinced my mother to get me a gym membership.

I started with a personal trainer who showed me the basics and then I went out on amaetur own. I was thrilled to be in the gym. I saw the pounds come off and I got stronger.

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Getting stronger week-by-week and month-by-month was a great feeling, so I kept at it. I started powerlifting with my cousin, until I saw a picture of Ronnie Coleman. I thought he was a monster and was instantly mesmerized by bodybuilding. I started researching about competitions and watched tons of videos.

I took a road trip to the Arnold Classic in Ohio and decided to compete in a bodybuilding competition. When I got home I found a show that gave me time to diet down and went for it; 15 brutal weeks of training, cardio, dieting, tracking macronutrients, and lowering calories to as low as 1,