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If you guys have ever come by The Chronicles booth then you will probably remember the posters that we usually give out to people. The posters were a hit so Tony really wanted to get some new ones out before the show season in hit full force. To set-up the shoot, Tony once again invited two of his favorite models, the lovely Miss Amy Fay and Chaba.

These girls have always been down to support Tony and his site so even though it was short notice, they came out to shoot. Before we begin, you should be well informed that this post is probably not safe for your viewing pleasure at work.

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You should also know that I am no model photographer. All you import model fanatics should be familiar with guys like Steve Bitanga or Rey Trajano or whoever…I am not any of those dudes. If anything I should be in front of the camera because of my boyish good looks and charming personality, haha. I just merely went out there to help out Tony and to capture some shots of my own for the site. I brought out all kinds of fay equipment that Nude usually use for shoots of cars for the guys to use but Gilbert had his own equipment that he was pretty set on using so I just used amy own equipment.

Of course Big Mike was out there to be hot assistant as usual and to chat it up with the girls…. The Mastermind guys were more than a pleasure to work with as well. Those guys over there are very generous and even bought food and everything to feed everybody. Big shout out to brynn tyler dp guys for their courtesy and allowing us to move all kinds of things around in their facility so that we could shoot.

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It was a tight space but we managed to make it work. If you guys need anything imported from Japan, whether it be something you saw on Yahoo! Auctions or Upgarage, be sure to hit them up.

They can get stuff fast and they can basically get anything from overseas…. Check out the Mastermind website here….

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I have to thank Tony of course for inviting me out there to experience the whole thing. I like working with Tony because he gives me a lot of freedom to do whatever I want at shoots and whenever we have collaborations with one another, things usually go very smoothly….

The shots are pretty random actually. Being a model is hard. This Chinese Canadian honey comes in from a submission by Kenneth Lam.

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Check out the absolutely drop-dead pictorial and find out what naughty things she does in the pool. Chanel Christine aka Chanerubaby is young, beautiful, and extremely nerdy. Check out some of the shots we took for our Halloween lingerie issue featuring the lingerie of 7 Til Midnight. We got a chance to shoot her in lingerie with some really hot implied nude shots as well. Check out her full spread -- part of our Halloween lingerie special.

Nicky is a Laotian hottie from the land of San Diego. Check out her pictorial shot by the talented Ed Marcelino.

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Check out this short, but sweet threesome guide created by Emily Tang with some tips for getting more threesomes. We interviewed them about their music and how they came together to become a hip-hop group.

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So check out this editorial by Liko Tubbs about dating White girls. This stuff is sexy as hell. Check out the amazing outfits. Plus we have our Halloween lingerie special. Halloween is the best holiday of the year. So in the spirit of Halloween, we shot a little Halloween lingerie special in coordination with our longtime lingerie supplier, Seven Til Midnight. A big thank you to Lisa and the whole Seven Til Midnight brand for all the amazing outfits.