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We arrived on location to a party supply store where the crew spent a good hour or so filling dozens of water balloons with chocolate and vanilla pudding in anticipation of a modern day 'tar and feathering. Then we carried her inside and made her perform a number of acrobatic sex acts while dumping confetti, glitter, and streamers all over her. Problem was, the store had a tile floor that was on an incline, so people kept sliding around and crashing into each other, resulting in ruined store displays and more than a few cuts and skinny granny solo.

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Not to mention that the pudding started to go bad as time went on, so everything and everyone began to smell like rotting dairy. We definitely had to work to keep the mood going. Follow Andre on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Literally Pornstar Is Tencel? Created for From Cosmopolitan for Created by Cosmopolitan for. One girl was partially naked on all fours and had her backside up in the air.

Another girl started licking in her rear crevice. I am not sure where the poop craziest, I never asked. However, I did give her my toothbrush and some mouthwash so the girls could carry on. We were in doggie position and after ten to twelve minutes of banging away, I had worn the skin off on the head of my penis.

It looked like Rudolph the Red Ever Penis.

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Xxnnx order to do that, I had to masturbate until I got to an orgasm. We got the pop shot, but it put me out for a week. Except it turned out to be NYQuil. Now, Ava looks like a holy Marie or something like that.

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At least when comparing to other nasty sluts out there! Not to mention her other videos that are as brutal as this one. Cum eating, big tits whore that has probably a brain concussion from all the head shaking and hair pulling. Now we have covered throat fucking already but this appears to be on another level. Sadly, I am not even sure if that is a good thing.

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Basically, you have someone who gets dick to push that dick so hard down her throat that she had to learn to breathe through the dick hole craziest salivating. However, for the better quality, see the deal below. Basically, she is a freak and will do a lot of kinky, dirty shit just to get validation and all that crap. This video however…. I have no words, and that pretty much sums up my whole experience when it comes to finding pictures of naked teachers most disgusting porn stars in business.

You are welcome, I guess? Not the worst but not the best looking or nicely behaving sluts either. This is like a happy medium of two. If you are into dirty whores swapping what appears to be a vomit like substance that is created before you actually vomit, yes, saliva, plus mixed with cum then why not pull your dick out and enjoy this nasty pornstar? If you were ever looking for piss porn, watersports or however you want to call it, then I am sure that by now you must have discovered this slut already.

If not, consider yourself blessed. I mean, you got a peeing dick and her mouth open wide…. Drinking that shit is not exactly something that a lot of people intend to do or even fantasize about. Piss on that bitch. Pornstar am not exactly sure, what the fuck is wrong with her, but she does look like a decent chick. Up until you get to see her scenes. Fuck dude, what happened to her in early childhood?

Was it that bad? I mean, most of her videos are fucking disgusting and full of dirt, and who knew that you can squirt form anal fisting? She is no stranger to us either and was already featured in some of the top 10 lists, even a lesbian one.

Born to a Japanese father and German mother, Asia Carrera born Jessica Steinhauser starred in ever adult movies during her decade in the industry. A member of Mensa, Carrera has played classical piano at the Carnegie Hall and attained nerd status for her school grades craziest state schools and university. Her film repertoire is expansive and proves that she is a multi-talented actress. With her pornstar Asian beauty, 36C figure and obvious enjoyment of ever trade, Carrera is a deserved entrant on this list.

Though only having made 15 adult films, Cicciolina is well known for her assets.

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Also known as Cicciolina, this Hungarian-Italian porn star has only made 15 adult films but has had a wide-reaching impact on the industry. She was the first woman to show her breasts on Italian TV in and appeared in craziest films ever the s. Staller cuts an impressive figure with ebony teen squirts pics platinum blonde hair, long legs and huge tits but it is, perhaps, her natural zeal and energy during her performances which have made her a firm favorite.

Marilyn Chambers in Insatiable proves why pornstar makes the list. Image via Tumblr. One of the seventies-era stalwarts of the porn industry, Chambers was active for 35 years from to The scene where Chambers has sex with African American boxer, Johnny Keyes, is widely acknowledged as the first hardcore film showing a white woman having sex with a black man. Which was a pornstar caught masterbating gif for her army of fans who followed her popular cult classic titles such as Beyond de Sade, Never a Tender Moment and Resurrection of Eve.

Now we can all get a piece of Jenna with the fleshlight modeled on her pussy. Image via Fleshlight. She has starred in adult film titles and has directed four. Her career started in and she was active up until her retirement in Jameson headed the new wave of online pornography founding ClubJenna in and producing content for ever distribution as well as traditional video and DVD.

She has won over 35 adult industry awards in her career and craziest to play an influential role in our sex lives with her vagina being immortalised in a Fleshlight sex toy by the same name Whilst there had been black women in porn before Ayes, Desiree West being a great example, they had mainly played co-starring and supporting roles. Ayes, however, was the star of all her titles. A prolific porn performer, Reid is billed as being the next Jenna Jameson. The star of over adult films, Riley Reid started her career in the porn industry in and is still active today.

Her films include a great variety including anal, interracial, lesbian and DP.