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Which I kinda broke that rule out of necessity but I left the company gay boys sleeping afterwards. I was working a second job at the time and I got a better deal with my current employer. In conclusion gamestop COL is not perfect and it does pit employees in a desperate situation cause it assumes that every day is going to be a perfect day.

For instance, if a customer comes in and purchases a used PlayStation, games, etc from me, they will give me a positive Pre-Owned score. From then on, I will be the employee that deals with all New sales for the rest of the day, because my personal numbers can take it.

We have even gone so gamestop that my co-worker has given me their computer login, so that a positive purchase from me sucks even out their numbers, and vice-versa. You pretty much nailed that on the Circle of Life.

The company has been trending in a downward spiral. Out of all the categories gamestop only one that is feasible, should be the preowned sales. But other ones are solely on the customers, and employees will ask. It was absolutely ridiculous, my manager did not agree with her. But I was somewhat punished by my manager just to appease the district manager. What you sucks say about employees lying about certain things to get their numbers up or keeping them up. In all the years of working there, not 1 of their programs have ever been about customer satisfaction.

Your article was honestly pretty sucks in regards as to how COL works. That being said, I feel that while sometimes warranted it paints us employees in a bad light. Of course, I cannot speak for all stores, but within my district, I am very lucky to have leaders that are kind and understanding. We push COL as hard as every other district, but the punishments are less severe.

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No one has lost their job due to their performance. And as employees, we will sucks lie to a customer to up our score. We are able to keep our score by sucks checking COL, and distributing sales to who needs more of a category, or letting someone take the hit for someone who is already under in a category.

COL hurts us all, as myself and many of my associates genuinely care about customers and meeting their needs, but are gamestop to do so by our own company. So, tl;dr: COL sucks, it stresses everyone out immensely, but the average employee is not as scummy as the article seems to portray us. We care about the customers, we just want to gamestop keep our jobs. But the COL does force us to push products on our customers since we are essentially threatened with termination every day via emails.

This is because they cut store hours to the bare minimum to keep us open. The goals can be met without lying to guests but they cannot be met without some sort of gaming the system.

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But I seriously dont understand why anyone shops there anymore. Like you can gamestop much better deals online and can trade in your games for more on Amazon usually. Im honestly not even sure how gamestop is even still in business. We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. If you have any charges from GameStop that you have not made or authorized, please contact your bank or card service provider to dispute the charge s.

You may also wish to file a police report if you think sucks charges were made fraudulently. And I thought I might have the code sucks the time I got back.

But I was wrong. Gonna go there tomorrow to fix their mistake and get me my stupid game. Finally got around to going to Gamestop to get Pikmin today.

When I got there and asked about it, I was told gamestop you have to come to the store to get the code if you preorder the digital version. Now putting aside the fact that this completely ruins part of the appeal of buying digitally, this was a problem because I was never told or made aware of this in any way.

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Not only that, but I was actually told when I preordered it that the code would be emailed to me. So here we have Gamestop completely failing to communicate and understand how gamestop distribution should work.

Sucks if you want a digital copy and have a gift card or such for Gamestop, just use it to buy a Steam, Microsoft, Nintendo eshop, or Playstation gamestop card. Yeah day be trippin. And a large majority of those games cut have been the really bad ones. Just look at the number of big Hollywood movies that no longer have a horrible game tie-in. Of course, there still are bad sucks being released. But that number has dropped, and will continue to drop as game publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision focus on fewer, bigger game franchises.

Sucks selling used as new is corporate. Whether or not employees or indian doctors porn admit to selling gutted copies as new might be per store or district but corporate is the one that set-up an easily abused system to begin it. Gamestop shed customers for reasons that have nothing to do with digital downloads, and their policies were often just anti-consumer. Who wants to buy from anyone who routinely lies to their customers? But yeah, everyone here is just making shit up because of the internet.

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I agree with you on this point. As to having sucks machines in the back, only some stores had these, not all. Walmart uses this huge plastic contraption thing that gamestop around the game. So when you buy it, the employee has to use a special key to get it out of that contraption.

Edit: Looks like you already mentioned those in a later post as anti-theft devices. PreshusKitty July 5,pm 8. Vocino July 6,am 9.

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Though I guess that sounds about right for retail in general. ThatDoomThough July 11,am Biggles July 11,am Dynamible July 11,am I was pretty happy to get my Gamestop bundle.