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She stared in a flirtatious way at Brandon.

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Dipper got so angry that he threw a ball at a little girl. Say, let's go on the blob. Challenge accepted? Come on!

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He's just a kid! I accept your challenge, sir. Everyone was impressed by his skills. Then Brandon dived into the pool. Expect," Dipper said. Mabel filled up with water "You just got burned!

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Mabel was filled with lots of water. Dipper dived into the pool. Everyone was impressed again. Stan and Mabel went to congratulate him.

His eyes turned small, he went deep into the pool and went back up. He gasped for air, looked down, and screamed.

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He covered up. Ah," Dipper covered up with a beach ball. You can have mine," Soos took off his swimsuit.

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Soos's swimsuit was then taken by a mother bird. Soos ran to get it while people were staring. You owe me. Expect at you. I'll be right here. Hiding behind a beach ball.

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You're going commando with me? Getting a swimsuit and kicking butt. Which was super hot. Soos dropped to the ground burned. You're all naked and-" "Please, Mabel! Stop screaming!

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Meanwhile, Dipper tries to hide his naked body. Dipper and Mabel. The Deep End. Wendy and Dipper. Reverse Pines. Lamby Dance Song Lyrics. Who wants a lamby lamby lamby? So go up and greet your mammy mammy mammy Hi there!! March March March around the daises dont dont you forget about the free adult picture sites and heres it in spanish Bueno Que hago!

Then Dipper said. Wendy Replies "all of our clothes" then Mabel said. Then Wendy and Mabel undress themselves until they were full nude. Then Wendy said to Dipper "come on drop those pants and join in the fun" then Dipper said. While Mabel and Wendy impatiently tackle him and strip him all but his hat. Then Dipper with his face blush he said.

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Then Dipper said, "boy I bet Grunkle Stan and great uncle Ford might have a heart attack if they see us now" then Wendy reassured Dipper saying "not falls worry the Stan Dudes nude a monster hunt and won't be back gravity midnight". Then Dipper said, "so What now" then Mabel Blur out "make paintings using our naked bodies" then Wendy said, "boy that's a wild and crazy idea". Mabel got a huge roll of sheet paper and Dipper got the Paint. Then Wendy said. Dipper Panicking he said. And Pacifica said.

Then they quickly strip. Then Dipper blush dipper we see two more girl lilypichu feet in front of him.

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Then Mabel said the the others and said.