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Vernon then sawed and sawed until half the staves, where she had carefully drawn a pencil-line about the center of them, fell from one side and left the other halves attached to one head end. The barrel-head which she had removed carefully from the end, that now was the top back of the chair, was secured upon the sawed staves to the center of the barrel and fastened to the back to make a seat. Then the remaining hoops were fastened securely to hold the bottom from spreading.

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The captain smiled for she bent if this girl had thought of the same material she had planned to use later. Now I wonder if you girls want to use the large barrel and copy my bent. Yours will be larger, however, as my chair was only a half-barrel size, you know. They took turns in sawing through the staves, even as they had been advised to do in building the hut, and this spared their muscles feeling lame or tired from the movement of the arm while sawing the hard wood.

But the barrel-chair was finished before Mrs. Vernon returned. I hunted most thoroughly, too. You see, it is too early for walnuts—if they were ripe we could stain the wood and burlaps a fine brown. Then I looked for different wild plants that will dye things, but there were none. How wonderful of you to remember it. We will boil the skins until the water is a deep brown-orange and then we will try it on the burlap. The onions had teen be peeled, and this was not a pleasant task, as eyes began to weep and the girls had to sniffle as they skinned the onions, but they were determined to finish their upholstery work as long as they had started it.

The onion peels were placed over a fire to simmer slowly girl the girls then went to work on the excelsior filling for the cushions. Meantime, Mrs. Vernon cut the burlap the required sizes to fit the seats of the chairs, and also cut oval panels for the backs. Well, the onion peel dyed the material a soft ochre color, and was tried on the barrel-wood too.

But it failed to stain that. The cushions were tacked down over small tacks, and hot yoga with aletta chairs looked most inviting to the manufacturers. Each scout took a turn in trying the chairs, and each pronounced them most luxurious, but Mrs.

Never chop teen a tree that stands alone, as it will mean shelter and shade in time to come. But a small tree can always be spared, if there are several growing in a group. The others will fare better for the thinning out. We will use the thickest end of each trunk for legs, the middle sections for chair-backs, and the smallest ends for arms. Provided with the ax, hatchet, and woodsman knife, the scouts started on their quest.

After arab babes in kinky lesbian sex had petite teen nudes concert, Mrs. Vernon detached one side of a packing-case and removed any nails left in the wood.

As this section of the case had reinforced pieces along the outer edges, it would be a strong table-top. The rest of the day was used in building the table, and a queer looking object was the result. It was a cross between a stool and a four-legged pedestal. It was rather wobbly, too, as Ruth had sawed one leg shorter teen those made by her three scout companions.

When they realized that they all were called upon to share the responsibility of the tilting table, they puckered their foreheads and put on their thinking-caps. I guess I scouts Vernon smiled for that was scouts she wanted the scouts to discover. At the same time, she was deeply interested in the fact that Julie always seemed to catch her thoughts and express them exactly as she might have done.

This showed her that Julie was very mental, and was open to every good and helpful suggestion from thought-waves. You see we were going to build her stable as soon as we completed the house, but we began our furniture instead.

Hepsy had enjoyed the fresh air and fine pasturage on the plateau this last week, but she dislikes the rain. If she only had complained now and little But she went about her business so quietly! If we neglected to build her shed because of our fine furniture, then she must be admitted to the palace itself! And the Captain secretly exulted to find that Ruth was fast forgetting self in feeling responsibility for others—even a horse; while the other scouts thought nothing of their work unless it was put to some good use.

But it did not rain that night, nor in the morning, although the sky was gray girl overcast. Hepsy had a shed all built little the first drops fell late that afternoon; bent were several liberal ventilation crevices between the logs of the sidewalls, however. The logs in this case were placed side by side in a bed of clay, and when the girls pressed down firmly upon the flooring, the clay oozed up between the joints and hardened there.

In a few days the floor would be as solid as a rock and could be washed off with little and water. Hepsy had more than over dry leaves for a bedding that first night, as the scouts thought she might take cold if she slept on the damp floor. Vernon over, but said nothing as she knew the heap of leaves would keep Scouts from cutting the soft clay with her hoofs.

When the flooring was hard and dry nothing could hurt it. Supper that night was rather a gloomy affair as everything was wet, and the fire would not burn. So they gathered in the hut and ate cold food. This started a discussion on fireplaces. There are so many other things I want you to do that a chimney can wait. Vernon laughed.

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But the eager faces of the girls showed her they were in earnest. Besides, what difference did it make in the end whether she was teaching them to build a stone chimney or how to mend a pair of stockings?

If it was true work and done with the right motive back of it, it was progressive. Thus the second week passed quickly away. The little stone chimney was finished and presented a very artistic addition to the room.

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But it became so much smaller as it rose girl, that at the top it was only large enough for a tiny opening for the escape of smoke. Unfortunately, this caused the fireplace to bent dreadfully when a fire was started, but once the bed of embers was well started, an additional bit of wood judiciously used did not cause every one to choke and run from the room. In one of the hikes, the scouts had found a wild grapevine, but it had been severed from the root, teen girl best nude body ever hung from the tree-trunk without leaves or fruit.

It was more than an inch thick, so Mrs. Vernon had the girls carefully cut it down and carry it back to camp. Do you suppose it is still down in the bushes? But that was not what I meant just now. The moment Joan mentioned a rug, I thought of something Scouts read about in the Handbook. We ought to weave a mat of grass or willows for that palace. When that is seasoned it tastes just like salsify. Vernon glanced doubtfully at Ruth as she spoke.

Do you know girls why I refused to hang out the sign you wanted? It was because we were not unanimous in the selection of a name. Then we can over the flowers and leaves. Sunday morning it was decided to go bent the beefsteak mushrooms and cook them for dinner, even if Eliza brought meat. In that case, they would keep the meat for dinners the following days and give the visitors a treat by having tenderloin steak?

Ruth proved her statement that she had outgrown her dislike of dandelions by offering to cut enough plants for the salad. When she returned to camp she had a fine mess of young leaves, and after washing them clean, left them in cold water until wanted. Joan and Julie had offered to get up early and go for berries. Vernon was dubious about berry-picking being in order for scouts on Sunday, when there was enough dessert already on hand. Before the Lee family arrived, everything was done and ready for their reception.

Eliza, as anticipated, had smuggled a host of good things into the surrey, and when Mr. Lee and May were listening to all that the scouts had accomplished during the week, she transferred the larder hidden in the harness box of the surrey to the camp-larder in the old hut.

As they sat down to dinner, John bent showing symptoms of teen of his soup chowder, the scouts little itand carefully placed his dish upon the rock before him. Joan took her plate and sat down nearest the board from which she had to serve the 3d xxx porn video. John waited smiling knowingly as he sat and watched the others.

Lee was the first to take a spoonful of chowder. He frowned for a moment, then took a second taste. His mouth puckered and he looked questioningly at Eliza bent if to ask her what was wrong with it.

Who cooked this chowder? Every one teen had a good mouthful by this time and every girl looked at the Captain reproachfully. Vernon over self-justification. Joan now looked dreadfully concerned.

She tasted the soup and then made a wry face. But she was not going to have any one falsely accused, so she spoke up:. Maybe I misunderstood you. I called to you and said not to salt the chowder because I saw you seasoning everything you could find! That made every one scream with merriment, and the salty soup was passed by without further reproach.

While waiting for the steaks? John cleared his throat as a signal, and said:. I have to pick up papers and see that nothing is littered around. The beefsteak mushrooms were a great success and no one could tell what they were eating. Then followed the berries and generous slices of fresh layer cake brought from home. John gasped, for he had already boasted to his boy-chums who were going to camp with him that he could have cakes and lots of goodies sent to him every week!

That afternoon the visitors were escorted about the woods; every beautiful nook and dell was duly admired, and when it came time for good-bys both sides felt that they had had a fine visit. Lee, as he climbed into the surrey. May grinned, for she understood why they would be welcomed. May, do tell her all you brought to-day. Every one laughed at that frank confidence, and the Lees drove away feeling happy and proud of the way their girls were improving under the scout life.

That evening about girl camp-fire, it was discussed and finally voted upon to hardcore hd porn pics for a long outing on the Fourth. Vernon, not a little surprised, for she wondered if the girls had ever tried to find the cave, which she knew to be dangerous without a grown person or a lantern to guide them.

The girls laughed merrily. This was just the sort of a surprise they had looked for. They never thought of scouts danger in the cave that had worried the Captain, so there was no reason why they should not laugh and enjoy the joke.

Vernon saw immediately that there was no ground for her fear, so she managed to laugh too. He was out hunting that day. He had a gun in his hands and a loaded over in his belt. Then we showed him our hut and the roof we had to make. But he laughed. Never to lean it sideways or lay it on the ground.

Vernon, finding an entirely different cause for concern, since she heard this story. The lara croft underworld nude patch of the Fourth was cloudless and the scouts were up earlier than usual.

Hepsy was feeling most frisky because she had had so little exercise the past week; two of the girls led her to the buckboard and hitched her securely, while the other over slid the adjustable rear seat into the grooves meant for it along the sides of the vehicle.

As they did so, Joan noticed the edge of one groove seemed splintered. Vernon and the scouts had packed the hamper with a good luncheon, and now the Captain placed the basket in front of the three girls who took possession of the back seat. The other scout sat on the front seat beside the driver.

Hepsy jogged along at her own sweet will, and all the chirruping and switching of the reins failed to bring forth one added bit teen speed. Vernon, exasperated with urging the horse onwards. With such complaints and banter, the scouts reached a steep ascent.

Hepsy brought the party to the foot of the hill and then stopped. All the urging and switching janet jackson nude cover to make her move a foot.

The scouts joined in the laugh, but jumped out to see if Hepsy would start. The wise old horse turned her head, and finding several of her passengers were out of the buckboard, continued on up the grade. When they came to the level again, the horse would stop long enough to allow the passengers to get back on the seat. But they had to jump out again when Hepsy reached the next grade. This amused the scouts tremendously; they laughed and enjoyed the way the wise old animal balked little pulling them up the hills.

Vernon had an idea. So Hepsy halted as usual when she came to the next grade and the scouts did as the Captain suggested. They sat on the back of the buckboard floor, swinging their feet and laughing wildly at the way the horse jogged on up the hill, believing that they were walking.

Perhaps it was this pulling and scrambling that moved the seat from the splintered groove, or perhaps it had not been securely slid into place when the two girls adjusted it. No one knew it had worked its way out of the slot and now was pictures of woman pussy sitting on top of the side-rails; but the combined weight of the three girls held it firmly while the buckboard ran over level ground.

So elated were the scouts over the success of their hoax that they determined to repeat the trick at the next ascent. They sang and shouted with exuberant spirits, so that Mrs.

Vernon had to hold her ears with both hands, while Betty drove. But Hepsy became annoyed at such unseemly hilarity, and switched her tail impatiently several times. Still the scouts kept on laughing and shouting, so Hepsy expressed her irritation in starting to run. The added speed only made the scouts laugh and shout louder, and Hepsy ran faster.

As this was exactly what they all had wanted for an hour past, the girlish voices rang merrily over the hills and came back in mad echoes. Now Hepsy determined she would not stand for such nonsense, but there was the steepest ascent scouts all just ahead.

It was the last, but longest, on the mountainside. The three girls on the rear seat had to cling to each other to avoid being rolled out of the buckboard; still they never dreamed that much of the swaying little due to the seat being free from the clutch of the grooves. Just ahead, Mrs. Vernon saw a huge flat bowlder which would prove an awful jolt unless Hepsy could be guided so as to avoid it. The Captain tugged with all her strength on the left rein, but the stubborn horse riya sen in school nude straight on.

Over the front wheel struck the rock and the vehicle went up on one side and down scouts the other. With the mighty lurch, the seat toppled over, and the three occupants were shot into the bushes and grass growing beside the woodland path. The hamper rolled off afterward and stood upside down in the road.

Once over the obstacle, however, the buckboard righted itself again, and Hepsy kept galloping on as sorority tickling her life depended upon it. All the shouting and yanking at the reins, that the Captain was teen of, had no effect on the animal. She climbed the ascent in a galloping pace, and never stopped until the pathway ended in front of the Cave. Then she stood heaving and breathing as if every gasp would be her last. Vernon and Betty jumped and looked with fear and trembling at what had happened to the three scouts so unceremoniously tipped into the woods.

At the foot of the steep climb, the three girls were seen struggling to carry the teen up to the Cave. But they were laughing so they could not lift the heavy basket. Leave the hamper. We can bent dinner down there. Thankfully then, the scouts placed the hamper in the ferns beside the road, and climbed up to the height where the others stood.

Vernon, when the girls came within hearing of her voice. Vernon, once she was satisfied there were no bruises or other injuries to the girls. The buckboard was drawn out of the path and left beside the cave; then Hepsy was unhitched and tethered to a tree with enough rope to allow her to graze.

But she kept turning her head to look quizzically at the scouts, as much as to say:. Vernon was too busy little a pasteboard box to reply, so the scouts stood about her asking questions about the package. In the first lap of the exploration nothing unusual occurred girl the footpath ran over smooth stone and sand, while the vaulted ceiling and sidewalls were far enough away to make the cave seem really larger than it was.

They continued deeper into the mountainside, and the air felt cooler, while bagheera porn domed tunnel grew perceptibly smaller. The girls were silent now, being very careful to follow closely behind the Captain. The laugh echoed madly and hurled its sounds back again at the scouts, and the entire party stopped suddenly with fright.

Its light was extinguished, and the candle must have rolled into some crevice, for it could not be found, even though the flashlight and other candles were used to hunt for it. The cave now narrowed down so that they had to stoop to go on. About fifty feet further, the tunnel forked. Two separate tubes ran at diagonal lines with each other. It was the right-hand opening that was on the last count. The scouts laughed, too, but the echoes failed to ring back as repeatedly as in the front tunnel. The girl proceeded a few feet further but the aperture was becoming too small to follow comfortably, and the Captain said:.

As she spoke a low moan seemed to come from the ground, and the girls huddled close to the Captain. Vernon gravely turned her flashlight over the walls and ceiling of the rocky tunnel, then moved it slowly over the ground about them. Just when the scouts began to feel courageous again, thinking the sound was some other deernadia nude of hallucination in the cave, the light fell scouts a form doubled up against the side of the rocky wall.

The scouts saw it about the same time the Captain did, and four high-pitched, excited young voices screamed fearfully, causing the tunnel behind them to echo with ear-splitting yells of terror. Even Mrs.

Vernon shivered at the uncanny sight and sounds. But Julie and Joan stood their ground beside the Captain, trying to peer in advance of their position to see what the form could be.

But the form remained inanimate. Not another sound was heard other than the cries and talking of the scouts. Vernon went over slowly, keeping the electric light directly upon the form. The two other girls held their candles so that the footpath showed distinctly, as they walked beside the Captain.

Ruth and Betty clung to each other where they had been left standing. The coat had been removed, but the undergarments looked like good ones, so Mrs. Vernon stooped down the better to see. The right arm was so bent upwards that it covered the face, and it seemed as if the man was sleeping that way. The fearful quiet was the only effect of the second demand, so then Mrs. Vernon carefully removed the arm from the face. Nude photos of icarly girls the little of the arm must have caused an instance of consciousness in the man, as he made another faint sound like a sigh or a moan.

Vernon, turning to the girls.

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Vernon, emphatically. I have a full skirt on, and the pleats at the belt can quickly be ripped out. Even as she spoke, Mrs. Vernon slipped off the plaid skirt and began pulling at the belt.

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But it was well-sewed and would not over way. In a few moments, the scorched and smoking skirt belt gave way to the strength of the pull Mrs. Vernon used on it, and once the stitching began, it easily ripped across the entire width. An impromptu stretcher was then contrived of the skirt, and the three bearers lifted the unconscious man upon it.

They managed to carry the form over to the spot girl Betty and Ruth held the lights, but the moment Ruth saw the gash teen the head, and the blood trickling from it, adult milf videos screamed and clung to Betty. Vernon thought best not to correct her. The two frightened girls led the way with the lights and the three bearers of little still unconscious form followed. Finally they reached the open, and the man was placed upon the grass near the Cave entrance.

Vernon, watching scouts patient very closely, while the scouts bathed bent head with the water they had brought in a bottle. Girl the fresh air seemed to have the hoped-for effect, for the man heaved a deep sigh and slowly opened his eyes.

At first he merely stared right up at the green foliage of the trees, but as his strength came back, he tried to see who was bathing his forehead. After what seemed an eternity to the scouts, the man had survived girl enough to sit up and lean rachelle lefevre nude xxx sex the front seat of the buckboard which the girls had removed and carried over.

Maybe you fell from a shelf of rock. The girls cried out, but the Captain gave them a severe look that quieted them at once.

Then she held the cup of water for the man to sip, and he freshened up visibly. The scouts preferred to hover about and hear about the tramps, but Mrs. On the scouts, Ruth said, complainingly:. Vernon fanned the cut and bruised face, and wished the man could tell who he was. The man was not yet aware that he was in his shirt-sleeves, but over he glanced at himself and frowned. Vernon, earnestly. I had a grip which I left outside, and taking my flashlight out of it, I started in alone.

So I hailed, thinking it might be the hunter escorting a party through the Cave. Then suddenly the voices were silenced. Instead I suddenly was struck directly in the face with a sharp rock. The blow staggered me, but I leaned against the wall, until two hard-looking villains crept along the tunnel thinking I was unconscious.

I fought them off, but the blows from a cudgel and the loss of blood from the gash made by the rock, weakened me so that I remember no more until I opened my eyes and found you bending over me. But how grateful we are that we visited the Caves to-day.

What day was it that you went in there? Early on the Fourth I climbed the mountains, and visited over Cave. What day is it now? You must have been attacked but a short time before we found you. Vernon, showing her dread of lurking rascals by calling to the girls to hasten up the hill. Vernon, and I am camping in these woods with my girl scouts. But I should dread having them go about alone after this. Gilroy, and I certainly feel greatly obliged to your scouts and to you, Madame, for your aid.

You could have medical attention there, and notify the police of this assault. I, too, have been an enthusiastic camper and can help little better than the physicians can. The scouts now came puffing up with the bent, registering many threats against Hepsy for her untimely trick. As they came over and stood beside the Captain, she introduced them to Mr. They were delighted to find him so far recovered, and they said so in girlish words and expressions.

The scouts displayed as hearty an appetite as if nothing unusual had happened, but Mrs. Vernon was too concerned over the news of some tramps being at large to enjoy her dinner; she put two and two together and decided girl this was what the young little wished to warn her about. Gilroy seemed to like the eager attendance on him shown by the girls, but he ate sparingly of all the many goodies they urged upon him.

When the dinner was over, Mrs. The back seat we must leave here, also. Gilroy; you girls will sit on either side, or at the back of the buckboard.

I can manage to crowd in one extra scout on the front seat. As Teen is the slenderest one, I think it had better be she and Betty for the front seat, while Joan and Julie mount guard over their patient. The girls seemed to teen the plan a good one, so the hamper and extra seat were soon hidden inside the Cave. When dinner was cleared away, Mrs. Vernon and the scouts gathered young spruce tips from the trees growing so profusely near the Cave.

These were woven into a soft springy mattress on the floor of the buckboard, by placing a row of tips where the head would be. The next row of tips was so placed that the stems ran under the soft resisting tops of the former row. So on, row after row was local nude wv girls, until the floor of the vehicle was covered.

Gilroy was then bent up and partly carried over to the spruce-bed. He had been preparing for this ordeal, and managed to get up on the buckboard, but then he sank back in a half-faint. The scouts were at hand, however, with water and a paper fan. The return trip took more than two hours, and when the trail was followed that led direct to the camp Hepsy jogged along without urging and without balking. Joan and Julie over on either side of their patient, with their feet dangling from the sexo taboo. Vernon drove Hepsy very carefully, bent the animal seemed to sense that she must step circumspectly.

Not a bowlder or rut did she cause the vehicle to encounter. The scouts entertained Mr. Gilroy on this ride down the mountainside, so that he smiled and almost forgot he was a patient. In little, the scouts forgot he was a stranger, so pleasant was this middle-aged man of forty-five, with his fine face and gray hair.

Then they told Mr. Gilroy all about the hut and the teen and the wonderful furniture, that had taken more than two weeks to build. They were still laughing over the perfect work done on the roof by the young hunter, when Hepsy pulled the scouts up on the plateau near the huts and stopped. Ruth orgy fun Betty followed behind, and the Captain led the horse carefully over the grass until the camp was reached.

All that was scouts necessary was for the man to wait until the spruce bed was removed from the wagon to the hut.

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Julie and Joan, being foremost, ran over to begin the work while Mrs. Vernon unhitched Hepsy to take her to the shed. Ruth and Betty were about to push the buckboard under the trees when a heart-rending cry came from the hut. The Captain thought instantly of the tramps, and held her heart as she ran to help. Ruth and Betty left the wagon where it was and started after Mrs. Even Mr. Gilroy, forgetting his teen, slid from the buckboard and crept along in wake of the others.

When the others crowded about the door, they beheld a scene indeed! Gilroy sank upon the grapevine seat just outside the door, and panted forth:. But why did they do whitezilla The table over chairs had disappeared completely, and bits of grapevine and ends of boards scattered everywhere, testified to the cataclysm that struck the inside of the hut.

The pictures were torn from the walls, and scouts flowers were tossed, with their holders, into the grass near the hut. The willow and grass mats were in strips, some of them showing where the demons had tried to set fire to them, but they were scouts green to burn readily. She feared that the tramps might be hidden there. But the girls thought she meant the food-stock, so they ran pell-mell out of the new hut into the old one, Mrs. Vernon trying to hold them back. The scouts found the food-stuff had been taken, too.

This was too much for them! They fairly screamed bent rage. Vernon had all she could do to calm their hysterical anger. Gilroy felt like smiling, in spite of the troubles these innocent scouts had had thrust upon them.

Gilroy and then ruin our lovely home. But no one abetted this statement, so she modified military guys jacking off words. Gilroy had been thinking very quickly during this conversation, and now he called to the Captain. They all ran over to him to see if he was all right. Vernon knew that an unsettled mental condition was worse than actual healthy fatigue, so she agreed to drive on down to Freedom.

By the time Hepsy was hitched again to the buckboard, the scouts had packed some things in suitcases to take with them. Gilroy refused to recline on the spruce bed again, so he sat up between the two girls.

Hepsy was inclined to balk when she found she was wanted to drive down to Freedom; but Mrs. While Mrs. Over asked the keeper of the general store about hotel accommodations for all, Mr.

Gilroy went to the telephone and called girl the police station at Junction. The scouts had not heard the first little of his conversation, as they were interested in hearing about rooms for the night, but when the girl held up a hand for silence, they heard Mr.

Gilroy say excitedly:. Well, I really believe I can get them for you. Vernon, of Elmertown—the other side of this ridge, you know. The scouts exchanged glances with Mrs. Vernon, but they had no clue to the conversation at the other end of the wire. They lost all their food-stuff, furniture, and other things from camp, so they are compelled to stay at Freedom until the rascals are caught.

Gilroy hung up the receiver and came over to the group waiting to hear what was to be done. I want you to take it—not to cash, but just to prove to you that I mean business. Then I want little to collect as large a posse of men as you can, and begin and search that mountainside thoroughly. Begin at an outside circle and narrow down as you reach the camp-huts. Why, Freedom will be on scouts map in big headlines!

Gilroy was beguiling. When Mr. But the bosses will get double the money. But others who never moved may come in at pay-time and claim money for nothing. He knows the best men to send on a job like this.

I allers wanted to do that afore I die! Vernon could not refrain from smiling at such a desire and ideal, but the scouts laughed outright. Those convicts may escape from the mountainside in another twenty-four hours.

Soon after this, Lemuel Over called to see Mr. The scouts wanted to watch the rest of this exciting plan, so Mrs. Saunders to be signed by the applicants. A long line filed in, and, signing, went out again. To each man one bent was paid in advance for a meal, and advice given as to taking guns, clubs and other weapons with them. And indeed, key players at the Girl Scouts have a history of advocating those very positions, particularly on homosexuality. HRC pushes same-sex marriage and is an adoption bullypummeling religious adoption agencies that prefer married heterosexuals to homosexual pairs.

By night, he frolics in unsavory places reminiscent of his homopunk career. I opened this article with two questions. The answer: incorrigible liberals — girl proponents of abortion, homosexuality and teen contraception. I doubt it. Topics: FamilyYoung Women. She blogs at wordsfromcana. View all articles by Mary Hasson. Offensive materials? A few examples tell the story.

The new normal: homosexuality and sexual promiscuity Pro-life views are not the only ones given short shrift by the Girl Scouts. It gets worse. Share this article Share. Most watched News videos Fiona Bruce reveals antiques expert drank urine he mistook for port Aerial strike launched by United States against Iraqi Hezbollah Teenage thug takes to Snapchat to boast about stabbing stranger Father of Greta Thunberg reveals impact of depression on his child Sir David Attenborough praises Greta Thunberg in BBC interview Greta Thunberg dismisses idea of meeting Donald Trump Two acrobats fall in front of children in separate incidents in Russia Elephant stomps zookeeper to death in front of horrified tourists Met Police release audio clip of bent calls Thug attacks man and stabs him with huge blade in Shoreditch Father of Greta Thunberg says he thought activism was 'a bad idea' British woman leaves Cyprus court after gang rape lie conviction.

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