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All players start their journey at their respective tutorial areas after creating their characters.

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There are many different choices when making a character. One can choose between the basic archetypes. Depending on what type of character one picks, one will start at different places with different tutorials. In the tutorial stage of the game, one will learn about statsmonstersskillsand most importantly, how to play the game.

Levelling up at the start of the gameplay will be easy with the beginner questsbut as the player's level gets higher, the difficulty of the game increases and the player may experience events such as death that will cause a loss in experience that will delay one's speed to level up. Players can chat with others, trade, hang out, and much more.

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There are also Party Quests where players can play in a group, or "party". At level 35, players can learn Professions to extract resources and craft items.

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