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Korean Girls Bikinis Canada 69 items found for korean girls bikinis. Although most such School Swimsuits are dark blue, occasionally girls are shown wearing white versions, for similar reasons to why men love wet T-shirt contests.

If a character even brings this to the Beach Episode rather than wearing a bikini, it is free cartoon gangbang show that she is more modest or in some cases, more immature than the rest of the cast.

Due to students' complaints, it was officially replaced with a less revealing swimsuit. Contrast Barely-There Swimwear. Community Showcase More.

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Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Patchouli thinks every girl should wear one.

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Anime and Manga. Konata from Lucky Star wears her school swimsuit on a beach, because of "people with special interests". Kagami is astonished that Konata can still fit into a swimsuit from the sixth grade!

And then she bursts Konata's fanservice bubble by pointing out hot mlf "special interests" people probably don't come to the beach.

Excel from the Excel Saga manga once wears a school swimsuit to a beach, and gets a lot of attention. She's long since out of high school, but never bought another swimsuit because she didn't want to waste any money. She also wears one in the anime, specifically for Fanservice purposes.

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Excel is shown graduating from high school at the start of the first episode. What that means in regards to her agegiven the general continuity level of the series, is an exercise best left for the viewer. Ringo from Air Gear wears one as part of her "Crescent Mask" disguise. People even call her "School Swimsuit Mask" while she's wearing that disguise, to the point where she slips up and calls herself that.

In Fruits BasketTohru wears xxx forced sex images school swimsuit from middle school to the pool since she can't afford a more flattering one, which prompts her friends to take up a collection to buy her a new swimsuit.

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