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Round 2, Cons. Round 1 6 Man Round Robin: Round 2 LUNCH BREAK minutes Last year the break was from pm until pm--it should be close to that again this year Saturday afternoon Round 3 16 Man WB-3rd Place 8: Cons. Again we can be reached at bigbashwrestling yahoo. We are trying to keep up with the massive amounts of emails that we are receiving. So sometime ikwf evening we will be downloading the wrestlers into the tournament and there will will continue to make adjustments.

After midget closes everything gets transferred over into the tournament and we will update the tournament info. So start looking state the actual tournament as a viewer later tomorrow.

IKWF Midget State Championship

So again if you know that your wrestler is NOT participating please email us asap. Sponsored Links. Thread Tools. All times are GMT The time now is AM. User State. Remember Me? Mark Forums Read. BigBashWrestling Varsity. Join Date: Feb Posts: Send a private message to BigBashWrestling. Find all posts by BigBashWrestling. Thats 2 Newbie. Seeding point I was asked a couple times today if any seeding points would be given for 8u Bantam placement. Send a private message to Thats 2. Find all posts by Thats 2.

In the Know Varsity. Join Date: Jan Posts: Quote: Originally Posted by Thats 2 I was asked a couple times today ikwf any seeding points would be given for 8u Bantam placement. Send a private message to In the Know.

Find all posts by In the Know. Those Jan-Aug birthdates midget now eligible for qualifying in the State series.

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If I interpreted correct Old model: those 5th ikwf studs would have had to bump up to Novice level to qualify for State. Now going back to Midget State, imo Ambrose should keep the age groups the way it is.

I cant speak on behalf of 10year olds state midget state of novice because my son midget be 10 before season and is intermediate. Since last year grade based didnt pass, they basically passed it this year it's just different language.

Originally Posted by Tilt3. But if do it for 1, I hope so it for both. Keep wrestling fun for the little guys. Originally Posted by onyourtoes. In the Know.

Illinois Midget State - IKWF ages 7,8,9 only.

Originally Posted by In the Know. I can tell you for certain that Winter Nationals will myaxx rule 34 change at all. We have always used the USA age divisions and weights for this event for that year in which the event is.

So for this upcoming Winter Nats the ages and midget will be the USA ages and weights for So the IKWF changes have absolutely no impact on this tournament. As far as State and Midget goes, Elias and I have spoken and we have ideas that we are not ready to share just yet. I can tell you that we both do agree and will allow younger wrestlers to "bump" up in these events. I appreciate all the thoughts, concerns, and opinions that many have shared ikwf all the Big Bash events.

We are just waiting for the dust to settle and see how the road map looks before we publicly share what the formats will be for the upcoming year's events.

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Thanks again and keep the ideas coming. Sponsored Links. All times are GMT The time now is AM. Midget State and Bantam State. User Name. Remember Me?

2019-20 IKWF Events Schedule

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