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The unveiling of five ancient net mummies, including at least two lion cubs, and a host of other artefacts from the Bubasteion necropolis in Saqqara, south of Cairo, has left Egyptologists buzzing. It is only the second time that lion mummies have been found; the first was reported in The artefacts were found with a larger collection of animal mummies, along with wood and bronze statues of cats and crocodiles.

More has also been revealed mummified the content and significance of the human coffins at Luxor. Archaeologists open a wooden coffin near Luxor, Egypt, in October. Some of the coffins have been scanned using computed tomography, because the mummies cannot be unwrapped.

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The scans show the remains of a man aged 50, a woman of 35 and child 8—10 years old. All three are well mummified, and the child wore two gold bracelets, a ministry spokesperson told Nature. X-rays show that numerous animals had broken necks or battered skulls, indicating they were deliberately killed for this purpose. This could mean that some buyers were being deliberately deceived or that only the external appearance of the mummies was required to fulfil the religious function of net offerings.

Temple animals preserved for religious reasons such as the Apis bull. From the mummies we can presume that Egypt might have been greener.

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For example, there would have been water sources that attracted large colonies of the sacred ibis -- one of the most mummified birds. Word in Definition. Wiktionary 0. Webster Dictionary 5.

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Rare mummified lions add to Egyptology buzz

The Kets are an indigenous people who live in Siberia and are regarded to be one of the smallest ethnic groups in that region. Mummified appearance, language and traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle has scientists bewildered by their origins, with some proposing links to the native tribes of North America. Where are Ashkenazi Jews from? Their Origins May Surprise You. Ancient Technology.

Bob Brier is arguably the world's most famous Egyptologist. A popular host on Learning Channel's Great Egyptians series, he was the first person since ancient times to mummify a human in the ancient Egyptian style. net

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Ten amazing inventions from ancient times. Part 1. The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2, years ago. Ancient Places. In an net investigation in Fuxian Lake, Yunnan Province, China, started on June 13,mummified discovered remains of a group of huge ancient buildings at the bottom of the lake.