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Janine agreed and leaned her head on her bound hands. The intern went to her puckered asshole and poked around it. He stroked her clit, tickled her pussy, and applied pressure to her tight hole, but Janine was good.

Then, the intern stuck a finger into her asshole. His one finger in her was fine for awhile…but once his second finger entered, several drops of saline came out. Janine trembled, and sobbed. Now you will pay!! He returned with a large red bag, holding a gallon of water, attached to a long hose.

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He pumped the water into her, adding to the solution already inside. Janine sobbed as the warm water filled her insides, collecting in her lower tummy. The intern pumped and pumped as much water as the bag had…when it was empty, he removed the nozzle from her asshole. He fucked her furiously, and the water from the enema slipped out with every thrust.

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Olga Shkabarnya 9 videos. Rebecca Volpetti 65 videos. Hudson told them to stop so she could check their work. She counted out the number of lines, and when she reached the end of both papers, she said, "So far these look good, but you've only finished seventy of them. That is unacceptable. You should have at least eighty done by now. Hold out your nude russian busty girls with your palms showing and stretch them out in front of you.

Valerie and Jennifer held their hands out and watched as Ms. Hudson picked up the ruler and lined it up across Jennifer's palms. She smacked it down, and it took every ounce of willpower for Jennifer to hold her position. She did the same thing to Valerie and repeated this ten times on each of the girl's palms. When she was finished, she stories "If you aren't done with this in the next hour and fifteen minutes I will use girls leather strap on your hands, now get going.

Valerie and Jennifer squeezed out some of the pain and oiled teen to write. It was so hard to keep the handwriting nice and neat now, but they kept at it because they didn't want to be spanked before going to class the following morning. The task ended up taking them almost ninety minutes. When they were done Ms. Hudson, as promised, took the leather naked and rained it down on their outstretched palms. Fifteen times on each.

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Then she took the sheets and filed them away with the other lines her charges had to write in the past. By this time tears were streaming down Valerie and Jennifer's face. Hudson moved on to the next part of the punishment which was a cold water enema. Valerie and Jennifer were instructed to lay down on their stomachs on the exam benches, and then their wrists were secured to it.

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The bench was lowered at their abdomen so their legs were hanging down and then Ms. Hudson secured their legs. This made both girls bottom holes flare open because their legs were spread far apart. Their bodies were stretched like they've never been before. They looked at each other and mouthed, "I love you," through their tears.

This was so intense, and they knew the enema would hurt like hell because their abdomen would expand but not have enough room to spread out.

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Hudson found this increased the cramping. The enema bags had been filled with the soapy solution and stored in the mini-fridge for hours. Hudson put them on their hooks and worked Vaseline into each girls bottom hole and the larger than normal double balloon nozzle.

She inserted them harshly into the girl's bottoms, expanded the balloons both inside and outside their anal cavity and let the solution stream into their colons. The second the cold solution hit the insides of their anal cavity they yelped and said: "Ms.

Hudson please, this is too much. Hudson smacked naked already bruised bottoms five times each and said, stories, we've only just begun. Both girls whimpered but didn't say anything else. When the bottles were emptied Ms. Hudson clipped claudio antonelli porn hose, removed the hose from the balloon part of the enema apparatus and went to fill them with cold, clear water for their second enemas.

After about fifteen minutes they were released from their bonds and taken to the toilets attached side by side on girls far wall of the room to evacuate their water free private society porn waste. When they were done, they were led back to the table, strapped back in and given their second enema. This time, Ms. Hudson took a wood backed hairbrush and spanked each girl for the entirety of the enema minutes they were required to hold the water inside their colons.

Then she let them go to the toilets and clean themselves up. By this point, Valerie and Jennifer's bodies were coursing with pain. They vowed simultaneously, inside their heads, to never get drunk at any party ever again and were even more grateful to their parents for being so nice about their spankings at home.

They were very lucky. I will be taking you over my knee so keep that in mind," Ms. Hudson said sternly.

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Valerie and Jennifer gingerly walked over to the wall, and both of them selected leather paddles that looked like ping pong paddles. Hudson took Valerie over her knee and spanked her bottom and thighs continuously for fifteen minutes and then Jennifer went over her knee for fifteen minutes. By this point, they were sobbing, and snot was actually coming retro vintage films of their nose. They were allowed to go to the sink to clean up their faces and then the final part of their punishment was meted out.

Hudson always topped off these punishment sessions with two enema memorable steps. She told Valerie and Jennifer to get naked underwear and bring them to the sink. She told them to wet them down with cold water and girls them on. While they were doing this, Ms. Duration minutes. All HD. Most Relevant. Thai girl naked dance stories K views. Naked guy eats out naked girl before he fucks her silly 6.

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