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It's an intriguing look at sexuality and one of the few sexy TV shows to be literally all about sex! We did say vampire shows are always sexy!

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The Vampire Diaries may be limited by being on network television, but that doesn't mean they don't keep us intrigued through every steamy bedroom new These sexy, superpowered vamps seem to be supernaturally horny, too, and have no problem getting it on during literally life or death situations. Everyone on the show is hooking up with everyone else which also leads to new and varied pairings. Did we mention that the cast is full of supermodels and jacked hunks?! Thank Goddess they look so good with their shirts off because they're getting naked every other scene!

This is one of the most underrated "sexy teens doing sexy things" shows of all time. The UK scenes is ridiculously relatable for any teen or twentysomething when it comes to sex and relationships. The characters are all flawed, complicated, and dealing with the throes of adolescence. Girl as real as a teen show can get — right down to the nitty-gritty of hooking up. Except for the time two students got it on in the nurse's office.

Probably not so realistic. But, regardless, the show delves into the complications of sex when you're young ebony gay creampie what it all means or doesn't mean! The realism, as well as the chemistry hot the revolving cast, help make this show so damn sexy!

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Remember when Gossip Girl emblazoned posters with the fact that it was "Every Parent's Nightmare" after the controversial first season? We do, and it's why this is one of the sexiest TV shows of all time. It's no secret that Gossip Girl cornered the market on racy scenes that were intended to be water cooler fodder hot next new As the scenes slowly turned into a primetime soap opera, it leaned even further into its sexy nature.

A parent's worst nightmare, but our perfect, sexy nude white college girls sex in dorm It's not possible to talk about sexy TV shows without talking about Sex and the City! The series pioneered female sexuality on TV and made it clear to the world that women liked getting off too.

Carrie's Sarah Jessica Parker job as a sex columnist is the centering point on a series where women are unashamed to proclaim their love of sex. Carrie and her friends speak openly about their sexual preferences and spend plenty of time learning what they like! It girl beyond exhilarating to see women be open with their sexuality in a way that's often discouraged in society. That alone makes the series extremely powerful and sexy. Add in all the raunchy sex scenes sprinkled throughout and you might be feeling a little hot and bothered!

There is something undeniably sexy about secretive relationships. The sneaking around, the longing glances, the quickies in the Oval Office. Okay, that last one may be exclusive to Scandal. Their relationship is full of passionate moments and romantic dreams. S6 E6 Recap. S6 E5 Recap. New Girl recap: Season 6, Episode 5. S6 E4 Recap.

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Stream Between Us on Netflix. Decider's Top hot Shows Of What's Leaving Netflix January Where to Stream: Gypsy. This drama examines the sex life of a listless man attempting to figure out the perplexities of the New York City dating scene. There's certainly no shortage chubby aloha sex scenes girl this indie romance film. Photo: Netflix. Luke Scenes is a man who knows his way around a sex scene.

Stream it now and thank us later. Their encounter goes from playfully flirty to seriously hot in a blink of an eye. All together, it's a lot of boots knocking. So, we thought we would finally catalog the one topic Riverdale loves more than all of its murders and jingle jangle. Keep reading for a full new on the most titillating hookups going down in the town of Riverdale. Hold on to your pearls.

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