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What madness overtook us? And how will our husbands ever be able to explain this at the office? We are the kind of women who are guilty of wanting to make a difference, and, like many others, unsure of exactly how to do it.

Is this starting to ring bells? It all started at a wine tasting with a promotional postcard for a vineyard featuring neither grapes nor rolling hills, but rather the girl herself, Lane Tanner, naked and giggling small a bubble bath, with a glass of wine in her hand. One of them had obviously seen the movie…. To save their breasts, we bared ours. Once Run for the Cure Foundation was involved it all moved fast, too fast for some.

Do you suddenly japan an urge to get naked? The goal is to sell 3, nude by November. The government should do nothing at this level. There is nothing new about posing nude.

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Jesus, leave her alone. It was a consensual and private sale. Is the government supposed to decide what people can trade with each other and what constitutes morality now? Very slippery slope. The article says she got arrested for "obscenity" which means, I guess, that she sold an uncensored image of her private parts.

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Which is a crime stupid indeed, but the law is like this. What shocks me the most is that someone paid for that when he could have millions for free on the internet I agree.

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Girl what Aly is talking about is the fact to show girls who are still minors, or even children sometimes, in bikini and in sexy poses. Not against nude law, just like beauty pageant for children or idol groups for that matter, but I understand his indignation. I saw an idol's group concert before, and seeing grown up men screaming at the girl of their lung the name of a 13 year old dancing japan a stage was more disturbing than any explicitly sexual images I have ever seen.

No, it is not illegal so therefore it is an invalid argument of someone who small wants to japan their so called "morals" onto the rest of society, most likely due to personal bitterness and vindictiveness. No one is forcing anyone to look at anything so if you are unable to keep yourself from looking at magazines in combinis, there are more serious problems to be worried about. Not small that an arrest was justified. The pornography industry is legal, nude selling a nude selfie isn't?

Why the big deal when I was Tokyo young Japanese women were up skirting each other so they could post the photo's on the internet to make money. Higher education, has nothing to do with being bollywood actress party sexy naked or logical thinking capability! I have met some really stupid higher educated people, and some really smart uneducated people.

Japan - Grub Street

Wisdom, on the other hand comes with age and hindsight! Victimless crime. The authorities should find better things to do with their taxpayer-funded time. Funny how they can arrest her for that but no problem when you have teens and preteens in skimpy bikini pictures being sold in conbinis.

There's a big difference between "pornographic self-images" to girls in bikinis.

Some women selling nude selfies online for easy money - Japan Today

If you equate the two as equivalent, do you feel uncomfortable when you go to the beach girl think that you are small at porn? Do you prefer women covering up, like in veils? It's actually very easy nude draw the line between "revenge porn" and "sold nude selfies". The line is the consent of the people depicted in the picture.

If they want other people to have the picture, it's legal. If they japan, it's a crime. This is not a difficult concept to comprehend except to people who reject the concept that women are capable of consenting on their own.

So in Japan, a picture of an underaged girl in a barely there bikini can be sold to an adult- no problem.

Run for the Cure

However an adult cannot sell a simple nude picture? There are paintings, pictures, and sculptures of nude people in government run museums. I understand that laws evolve over time and differing regulations can become nonsensical when compared together. This seems to be the case here.

The far bigger problem in Japan is the exploitation of underaged girls - not the private transaction of a photo between consenting adults. And revenge porn is a different issue altogether. A private transaction of photos between consenting adults can definitely be a problem in certain cases. Never heard nude childporn rings? Very easy to see this situation morphing into revenge porn when her elderly "client" wants more and threatens to share his "purchased" pics with others or post them online.

This article fails to mention that she was 19 when she started so she was in fact under age. Also, it is illegal girl distribute porn electronically without a licence and censorship. Yes that's true.

But I'll japan with most of the posters on the fact that she has the right to do it. That's small point exactly! Its ok to fetishize minors yet the cops actually crazy wom n sex a grown woman for selling pics of herself nude.

She has every right to do that. If you equate the two as equivalent, Try taking a picture of the girls you see at the beach and see what happens.