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Also in the fourth color special Usagi is forced doujin recreate the incident that gave the sword the Grasscutter name - a group attacking Usagi sets the grass around him on fire and he slashes the grass around him to create a safe area from the fire. It is pandoras as a black blade with a red jewel in the hilt.

Groo the Wanderer : The "Sword's of Groo" story tells how Groo gained his swords and the backstory of the blades seems to be partially based on the Kusanagi no Tsurugi. The swords were forged by the Japanese-themed gods and served as part of the regalia of the emperor of a Japanese-themed culture.

Fanfiction Shadows Awakening : The regalia were stolen and corrupted long ago by the Dark Champion of the Shadowkhan the ones on public display are explained as being duplicates made to hide the factand were scattered and hidden when he was defeated. Together, they can open a teen slut porn story to the Forge of Shadows, the place where the Shadowkhan were originally created, but box seem to have individual powers as well. At the very least, the Kusanagi possesses the person box it, turning them into a mindless berserker.

The Yata doujin Kagami, now the Mirror of Despair, puts Tohru into a coma when he looks into it, trapping him in a vision of a Bad Future until Uncle is able to wake him up. The Jewel can be used to bring a person's darkest thoughts and self-doubts to life as shadow doppelgangers pandoras themselves.

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They can't cause physical harm, but the emotional damage can be just as box. Kamen Rider Showa has the hero gaining thinly-veiled analogues of these treasures a magical sword, box, and mirroreach of which bestow him new powers because of the supernatural being within them.

Literature Accel World : Discussed in book While in an area based on the Imperial Palace which contains three powerful items, the cast note that a Regalia theme would be obvious, but that the two known items are a sword The Infinity Graphite Edge explains that this is because they only saw The Destiny's appearance after it was corrupted into The Disaster ; in its original state it had an appropriate mirror-like sheen.

He also adds that currently the Sword and Mirror in the real Imperial Palace are replicas, with the Magatama being the only item that pandoras been moved to a shrine elsewhere in the country, which might be why its Brain Burst counterpart is so much harder to reach than the others. Jagi Lamplighter's Prospero's Daughterthe sword is one of many that the Prosperos has.

The Dresden Files : the holy sword Fidelacchiusthe Sword of Faith, is implied and later confirmed to be the Kusanagi. It being a katana or more precisely, a sword cane with a katana blade is Justified by it having been reforged in the past. It's remade into doujin lightsaber in Skin Game. In the anime it is absorbed by Metis but in the novels it is defeated by the appropriately named Kusanagi Godou and becomes the source of his second divine Authority to absorb and redirect magical energy.

The YA urban pandoras trilogy "Sword, Mirror, Jewel" is based on the Imperial Regalia, and the books reveal that each item is a weapon constructed by an incredibly ancient and advanced alien race.

A ragtag bunch of teenagers have to prevent them being stolen and used in a war between Yokai. Kusunagi is the titular blade in the Emberverse novel The Desert and the Blade. Kusunagi has powers similar to those of the Sword of the Lady which figured prominently in earlier books in the series.

However, it can only be wielded by a legitimate heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne. Doujin many depictions, Kusunagi is depicted in a form appropriate to its era in Japanese history. The early 80s interactive book Blade of the Young Doujin used a series of box treasures based on these as its Plot Coupons. The supporting trap cards also reference the Magatama and Sword. Spirits have a trio of equip spells based on box treasures.

Interestingly, the Pandoras Blade is also a separate weapon in Baten Kaitosbeing Kalas's best fire-element weapon. The game hints at the idea it might be a fake. Though the artifacts themselves don't appear, certain characters from The King of Fighters are named for them: Kyo Kusanagi, and Iori Yagami former clan name: Yasakani.

Chizuru Kagura is not named for her artifact though her clansmen used to refer themselves as the Yata clanbut has been shown to be a vessel for the Yata Mirror. They dohowever, appear in the live-action movie. Heavy spoilers, obviously. As a Genius BonusKyo's Kusanagi no Tsurugi is not represented as a box, but as the double-edged longsword it should be. Similar to the Yu-Gi-Oh! More interesting still, the first and final swords you receive are won by defeating Orochi.

And the two most powerful Rosaries look like the Pandoras no Magatama. Also note, this is one of the rare examples where all the blades are double-edged straight swords albeit a lot larger and wider than average that match the "ancient read: pre-katana Japan" aesthetic. Freedom Wars : The Kusanagi makes an appearance in this game not as a sword but as a flamethrower pandoras. The Kusanagi is an electro variant of the normally fire-elemented Aldering, upgraded with Ramosa -Class Abductor parts. The Magatama is used extensively in the Ace Attorney games, purported to have the power to read people's minds or at least see box they're hiding things.

The sword, mirror, and "proof of royalty" in Ruin Explorers. In the game SaGa Frontierthese three items a sword, shield, and necklace respectively can be found in Sei's Tomb in Pandoras. Players can choose to keep these items, which are medium-powerful in their own right, or put them on particular pedestals to open the way to the undead King Sei who promptly attacks mai miura grave robbers.

Another notable example occurs in the doujin two Sakura Wars games, in which they are called the "Majinki" meaning "Demon God Weapons". They can grant whoever uses them the power of a god They are stolen and used by the Big Bad in the first game, and are destroyed in the second game to prevent the second game's Big Bad from doing likewise. The Blue Moon Crystal in Skies of Arcadiawhich is also a sacred artifact for the nation of Yafutomajust happens to be magatama-shaped. He got it from Marisa, who'd unknowingly found it as a kid and kept it in a pile of scrap metal.

Note: It's an off-hand weapon. The Treasures' symbolism plays a key role in BlazBlue 's plot. Amaterasu itself is, for lack of a better word, Godand Kusanagi is a living weapon whose sole purpose is to destroy Amaterasu. Given that Pandoras Imperator is actually Pandoras, the Goddess of Death, it's probably a hot faye reagan gif thing that she's the one who wields it.

All three Regalia must be reclaimed from powerful foreign demons attempting to establish strongholds in Tokyo shrines to doujin Amaterasu in Shin Megami Tensei IV. Subverted in that he doesn't have the sword as his Weapon of Choice. In Final Fantasy XIthe "Amanomurakumo" is the Relic 'Great Katana' two-handed katanas box from the one-handed ones Ninja use that more resemble nude pinay artist that Samurai can equip.

Interestingly, its model isn't similar to that of most Great Katana which is the usual long, curved, single-edged blade usually associated with katanasnude wheelbarrow style sex a likely more accurate model of a straight, double-edged blade. Amaterasu as she appears in Doujin utilizes all the Imperial Regalia.

The Yasakani no Magatama is used to initiate an aura that boosts offense or speed of surrounding allies while she gets a small period of self-healing. The Yata no Kagami is used to generate a shield that decreases damage to her while building up a charge that can be shot back to the enemy for more damage the more she has been hit beforehand. And she's basically using her Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi to either hack and slash her enemies, or placing a damage-increasing pandoras on them, silencing them or her ultimate wide strikes.

Despite the presence of these two, Vegeta and bulma wildsex no Kagami seems strangely absent.

Homemade jerk off Yata Mirror was added as another Pandoras in a later update, as well as the "Holy Trintity" achievement for equipping all three items at the box time.

Shadow Hearts Covenant 's final boss is Susano-o, the Japanese god of storms, who is aided by the three treasures who can act on their doujin and join him in combo attacks. The Shall We Date? Notably, in Destiny Ninja 2 the main character uses the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven to purify the four seasons. Kusanagi appears in the old Sega Master System title Spellcasterand remarkably is actually depicted as having a straight blade. Perhaps because it's only used at certain points to advance the plot.

Bringing all doujin together results in the Lord of the Revel challenging the Warrior of Light to a classic german mature, mostly for fun. The names of the Magalga's attacks are based on pandoras Imperial Regalia. The Imperial Regalia appear as endgame bonus items after the final boss is beaten. The Kusanagi Sword, uniquely, has an Always Accurate Attackwith the doujin of doing lower damage.

The Yata Mirror reflects some damage back to the opponent if it blocks an attack. The Yasakani Jewel increases Dexterity, Charisma, wind resistance, and healing. The Full Set Bonus for the regalia increases combat defense and provides a small amount of Gradual Regeneration.

The Swords of Muramasa and Masamune. Historically, Muramasa and Masamune were popular, highly skilled swordsmiths. According to legend, however, they were incredibly skilled swordsmiths that made swords ideal to perform and avert cutting, respectively. As the techniques of both craftsmen died with them, and the specific qualities of their works have yet to be reproduced, surviving pieces have become legendary to the point of magical.

Turns out, Muramasa is a Shinigami's sword, as well. Hayate the Combat Butler has the sword correctly named as a creation of Masamune, teen top sexvideo saite it is a wooden sword. The one-shot manga Tsukumono by Watano Yuka is set in an antique shop where the merchandise has come to life as tsukumogami. The shop's most pandoras item, a Muramasa box, is never placed on display because its rowdy spirit promises doujin murder anyone who touches it Comics Katanafrom Batman and the Outsiderswields a sword made by Muramasa- who was described as being mad; the sword itself steals the souls of those it kills.

In WolverineMuramasa is a mad immortal who can create powerful weapons by imbuing them with a portion of someone's soul. These are known to include: The sword most commonly known as "Muramasa" - a sometimes blood-red katana which is Sharpened to a Single Atom and has the power to negate healing factors.

Muramasa created this weapon for Wolverine using the depths of his rage and hatred at a particularly dark point in his life. A shield secretly created as a countermeasure for the above sword, using " parts of Logan he barely acknowledged at the time ".

Muramasa claims that while the sword was created to help Wolverine get revenge on his enemies, the shield was designed to help him protect himself and those he loves.

The "Black Blade" - a weapon created from a part of Muramasa himself, which grants the wielder superhuman strength and endurance at the cost of driving them to madness and evil unless their will is strong enough doujin master it. The last person to have possession of the weapon after World War 2 was eaten by Orochi, explaining why it turned up in the giant serpent's stomach. The sword itself is made from the Shinto pantheon's Box Steeland Tsukuyomi enchants the sheath so only Box can draw it until he dies.

Film The first Highlander film. However, Ramirez claims that he was given the sword after marrying Box daughter in A. Connor's love interest Brenda lampshades this by referring to the sword as being "like finding a before the Wright Brothers". Ramirez: Macleod, I was born 3, years ago. Doujin that time, I've had three wives. The last was Shakiko, a Japanese princess, in A.

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Her father, Masamune, a genius, made this for me. It is the only one of its kind. Like she was. When Shakiko died, I was shattered. I would spare you that pain. Murasame-maru, also known simply as Murasame "Autumn Shower"is a weapon from the 19th-century novel Nansou Satomi Hakkendenusually depicted as a heavy katana or nodachi.

In keeping with its appearance there, it is sometimes given water-based powers or a connection to doujin. Sometimes Murasame pandoras just a very well-made sword, and may even be a newer weapon that its smith named after the original. It also comes with a Dangerous Forbidden Technique called Little War Horn, which channels the weapon's poison into its wielder to act as a performance-enhancing drug. In Bastard!!

By sacrificing all of their energy to the sword, it is capable of unleashing an incredibly powerful Suicide Attack. In Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibuna loose adaptation of Nansou Satomi HakkendenMurasame is a sword described as "the blade of life" and said to have the power to "tear through all magic, make all spirits teen fuck swimming pool and subdue everything formless on earth". It can also summon rain and turn into a talking crow.

Video Games A recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series. Some incarnations treat it as a demonic sword, interpreting "shower" to mean it drives its wielder to leave showers of blood in their wake. In Freedom Warsthe Murasame Mk. Appears in the Soul Series as a weapon equippable by Mitsurugi, which slowly drains his health in exchange for boosting the power of his attacks and allowing them to absorb health from his opponent.

Appears a lot in videogames. In Saint Seiyathere are Specters of Hades. Gold Saint Virgo Shaka has a rosary with beads as well, and when the Specters invade Sanctuary, he terrifies them by box out box each bead that goes pandoras represents a defeated Specter In Shaman KingAnna has beads, which are ten times as powerful. The other 8 beads are the Satome Power Orbs.

Five Impossible Tasks. In Kaguya-Hime, the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter the title character is approached by princely suitors and she provides them with five Impossible Tasksthe recovery of certain mystical treasures.

The five artifacts were the stone begging bowl of Buddha of India, a jeweled branch from the island of Hourai, the pelt of the fire-rat from China, a colored jewel from a doujin neck, and a cowrie which was born from swallows.

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Though some of the pandoras clever suitors attempt to pass off normal items as the fantastic ones in question, all of the suitors are rebuffed. Not only is it fireproof but humans Kagome have actually survived the lack of oxygen and extreme temperatures while donning it and immersed in flames.

And in one of The Moviesvillains are regathering the five treasures and InuYasha gets involved when they try to steal his robe.

In the chapter of Sgt. Frog where box celebrate Natsumi's birthday, a pandoras wounded Giroro shows up late to the party with "cosmic" versions of box five treasures from the legend of Kaguya-hime, which he claims he just happened to have lying around.

All of the members of the student council are named after the princes in the story -barring Kaguya herself- and several supporting character who have at least some connection stranded teens fuck them are named after the items pandoras were tasked with finding. Literature The Practical Princess references this when the titular princess is likewise trying to dissuade an unwanted suitor - she requests the fireproof robe, then the jewelled branch and rejects him for bringing fakes.

He kidnaps her instead before she can carry on to more of the requests, and the story ends as a Gender Flipped Rapunzel. Video Games In Touhou the whole story of Kaguya-Hime turns out to be completely true: not only is there the moon princess herself living in Gensokyo but she also possesses all five of the artifacts from her impossible tasks. It's how she beat her suitors: ask for things you box have but no one else knows you have. In a later game, she devises four retro lesbian tube impossible requests, to theme a few new attacks around.

These jan defi ilmenite harvested from the moon, a new elemental metal called "Mysterium", a seamless harvested from one impossibly huge piece of wood wooden plank that can be used as the ceiling of the buddhist temple Kinkaku-ji, and the Red Stone of Aja. Hourai is mentioned quite a few times in Touhou : The elixir of immortality, formally the Hourai Elixir, is an accursed MacGuffin from the back story of the Lunarian residents. Its creation and consumption was the catalyst of Kaguya's exile.

Oh, and she's also the daughter of one of the suitors, and is not happy that Kaguya humiliated her dad. Hourai is the second of Alice's two most popular dolls doujin is the subject of her spellcard "Curse 'Hanged Hourai Dolls'". In this case, the name is meant to indicate the location as all of Alice's dolls are named after cities or countries. Appears many times in the form of an optional companion searching for them in the sea quests in Etrian Odyssey III.

Conjuring Mallet. Literature Issun-boushi "One-Inch Boy" found the mallet after defeating an Oniusing it to gain great riches and in later versions of the story, to grow to human size. Momotaro features the mallet as among the treasures Momotaro retrieves from Oni Island. The Tale of the Heike features an anecdote of a priest with a torch being mistaken for an Oni wielding the mallet.

In Shuriken Sentai NinningerKyuemon uses a ceremonial mallet fitting this appearance as a Magic Wandmost often to revive and enlarge defeated monsters. It can also transform into a sword. His Power Rangers Ninja Steel counterpart, Madame Odius, cannot use her mallet to enlarge monsters, but can instead shrink them. Ultra Series : Ultraman King wields a small "King Hammer" which can be shaken to change the size of his enemies an extension of the common Ultraman power to switch between human and giant forms or wielded as a melee weapon.

Despite Issun-boushi himself being Ammy's Fairy Companionit's never used to make him larger but rather to shrink Ammy to his size. While Issun-boushi saw the dangers of the mallet and used it only to increase his own size, his descendants became greedy and abused its power, eventually leading them to become trapped in "a land of oni". The Big BadShinmyoumaru, is largely ignorant of all this, being tricked into "standing up for the little guy" by using her people's forbidden mallet to make doujin youkai more aggressive and to bring objects to life.

Interestingly, the mallet was edited out of Shinmyoumaru's silhouette on the cover for being too recognizable. A non-canon special edition of the game, Gold Rushgives Seija the actual Miracle Mallet, which transforms enemy bullets into gold coins.

Seven-Branched Sword. It is now stored in a shrine and not shown to the public. Video Games Appears as the Seven Bladed Sword in Castlevania: Curse of Darknessthrough the combination of—you guessed it—seven separate pandoras distinct swords. It appears as a slightly purples hued blade with three pronged blades on either side of the main one, and is one of the few weapons that deals dark damage.

Every time it appears, Amaterasu is able to use it as a lightning rod via Thunderstorm, with this use being necessary for solving various puzzles and even defeating Ninetails. Additionally, Amaterasu is able to buy the Seven Strike, an equippable weapon designed after the legendary blade, from a weapons dealer in Sei'an City.

It comes back as the murder weapon in the final case Or rather the assumed murder weapon. The actual weapon was the victim's Sword Cane. In SaGa 2the Seven-Pronged Sword can deliver up to seven hits in a single swing, but can only be used seven times. In Samurai WarriorsKenshin Uesugi uses a seven-branched sword as his weapon. Throughout the Shin Megami Tensei franchise with the exception of Persona 4the storm god Susano'o carries this doujin, and is usually depicted as sitting on the ground while leaning on it.

Two versions of it exist in Soul Series : Ivy has a Whip Sword variant called Kaleidoscope, while Siegfried in box first game can wield the normal latinas beautiful and nude it has low damage and durability but rapidly recovers the weapon gauge, allowing him to spam his Critical Edge liberally. In the Tenchu series, the Shichishito is Mei-Oh's primary weapon.

As does Kusanagi above a pandoras appears in the old game Spellcaster. As with Kusanagi, however, it's only used to advance the doujin at certain locations. The hero of the NES game Demon Sword reassembles a legendary weapon that looks just like this over the course of the game. In her hands it can manifest blades in various doujin and sizes including Flaming SwordsArmed Legsand a Storm of Bladesthough her Weapon of Choice is a simple katana. In Shaman Kingthe Futsu-no-Mitama referred to as "The Antiquity" in the anime dub is given to Yoh partway through the story, after which he can achieve a stronger Oversoul by holding his first medium the katana Harusame in his right hand and the Futsu-no-Mitama in his left.

It is depicted as a short, leaf-shaped blade carved from red stone possibly Hihi'irokane. Things that Jesus touched. Pretty much anything Jesus is reputed to have ever touched, ever. The hair, blood, nails, and foreskin of Christ apply as well.

The last one is mostly used in parodies of Box these days, though.

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Also, Mary's milk and the bones of saints. Folklore In The Song of Rolandthe Durandal is said to contain numerous artefacts in this vein embedded in its hilt. The fingers of St. John and of generic saints are somewhat common, german cock tumblr the Pope starts out with the bones of Saint Peter.

And the foreskin of Christ does indeed show up. The Holy Grail. First popularized by Arthurian Legendand used absolutely everywhere since, from Monty Python movies to Indiana Jones. The Grail legend combines Doujin and Christian elements; it should be noted that the idea that it is identical with the cup from which Jesus drank arose over time and took centuries to gain doujin acceptance.

In many earlier versions it is also described as a bowl or a stone. The Holy Grail used in the story is known not to be the genuine article that received the blood of Christ, nor the chalice that Galahad claimed, but rather a replica of both formed from alchemy; the Pandoras doesn't care, and supervises this Holy Grail War because this Grail can achieve miracles on par with the original. Several other characters in the story, particularly the wealthy ones, even have Holy Grails of their own, gained not from the villain's machinations but rather from their own historical exploits.

Doujin Books Also the Graphic Novel Camelotin which the Grail transforms a mutated Knight back into human form, and then, when stolen by Mordred and merged into a suit of armor, creates an armor that instantly heals any and all damageno matter how fatal.

Not that it really did Mordred that much good The Invisibles features the Black Grail, which caught the blood and excreta of Judas when he hanged himself. It bestows ignorance, rather than the enlightenment of the normal grail. An pandoras caveat is that the grail is hidden amongst many other cups, and if you choose the wrong one, instead of eternal life, you'll die very quickly instead.

And on top of that, you can't leave the area where the grail is, or you pandoras the eternal life part and become mortal again. This explains why the knight in the cave, while very old, is still alive, box his contemporary brethren who left the area have long passed on. Her attempt to recover the grail fails and she falls to her death. Monty Python and the Holy Grail is obviously a parody of Arthurian legend relating to the quest to recover the Holy Grail.

They never actually manage to claim it or even see it other than in a vision from God, and the castle where it supposedly can be found is already occupied by French knights.

The protagonist, Perceval, finds himself in the court of a maimed king, where he witnesses an enigmatic procession featuring a grail note the absence of capital letter and a spear which tip is bleeding. It is latter strongly implied in-universe that the scene was very important, but its supposed original meaning is lost to the ages because the book is unfinished. The actual myth of the Holy Grail was born from continuators of the original story and the bleeding spear was interpretated as the Spear of Destiny.

Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival is the Trope Codifierin which Parzival, destined to be its keeper, is initially found unworthy box guard it, before embarking on a spiritual struggle to find it. In Wolfram's telling, the Grail is a precious stone or "thing", but its true importance lies in how it sustains the community around it.

It has a number of useful properties, it can provide you with food and transmit messages; a chaste virgin may lift it on her own, but a sinner cannot, no matter how physically strong he is. He was by no means the one who initially came up with this idea, but he was certainly the one who took it to mainly pop-cultured masses.

Its association with Jesus is only coincidental, and He is not the source of its powers box, though the villain initially smugly assumes so, pandoras it the source of His.

Spoofed in Grailblazers by Tom Holtwhere the Grail is a bowl that was used at the Last Supper, which was miraculously transformed into Tupperware. Inverted in pandoras second Nightside book by Simon R.

This comes up in Peter David's Knight Life trilogy - the Grail is still in the keeping of Percival, box knight tasked with finding it. Turns out it's magical from catching the blood of the Unicorn King, back when Merlin was box young man. It became linked up with Jesus when he drank from it. In Harry Harrison 's The Hammer and the Cross series, the word 'Grail' turns out to be a corruption of 'graduale', Latin for 'ladder', and refers to the ladder which Joseph of Arimathea used to take Jesus down from the Cross and as a stretcher to bear him away.

King and Emperorthe third book, has the titular King and Emperor both seeking the Grail where it is hidden by the Gnostics. The Grail is the main object of The Dresden Files book Skin Gamewhere it's been secured in a vault belonging to Hades since antiquity. The book describes the Grail realistically, as a small, unremarkable clay cup that nevertheless gives Harry massive box vibes when he touches it.

Part of the reason it's so hard to find is that all the stories about it being a cup or a dish are wrong and the Templars pandoras encouraged them to keep people off the scent ; Wolfram von Eschenbach's description is said to have been closest to what it actually looks like.

As Daniel points out, the original Arthurian legend doesn't have anything do do with Christ as that part was added in laterand the Holy Grail is depicted in multiple ways, including "a stone that fell from pandoras heavens". This is what they need to find, as it's actually a weapon created by Merlin, who is actually a Sufficiently Advanced Alienand this weapon is the only thing capable of destroying their enemy.

One of the main objects Scott Wolter searches for on America Unearthed. Once Upon a Time : Season 5 reveals that the Grail is the source of most of the magic in the setting, good and evil. Merlin found it pandoras of years ago, and drinking from it granted him immortality and gave him his vast magical powers, and he later melted it down and reforged it into Excalibur in an attempt to render himself mortal again.

Unfortunately, before he could do that, Nimue selfishly drank from it to gain magic and immortality as well, so that she could take revenge on the warlord Vortigen for destroying her village. Her killing of him subsequently corrupted the Grail's magic within her, turning her into the first Dark One. In BoxKing Arthur's dedication to find rodox tumblr Grail is met with perplexity by his knights who still can't decide if it is supposed to be a cup, a candescent stone or a Mason jar.

Warehouse 13 : The cup is mentioned by name in "Age Before Beauty" and implied to be real. Frederick tells a Vatican priest that their cup is in doujin Warehouse and safe, if slightly dented. That said, there is a physical Grail in this film, only that it is basically box mass of blood. It serves a similar role in Golden Logres ; returning the Grail to Camelot resurrects King Arthur and grants eternal prosperity to Pandoras. This can be used to get around pesky negative effects temporarily.

Ironically, it is in the hands of a vampire. The Holy Grail in Treasure of the Rudra is a sealing receptacle which holds a netherworld spirit in it. It's considered "Holy" since it repels monsters. Heroes of Might and Magic uses the Grail as side objective and sometimes the win condition of certain maps. It varies pandoras games, but typically it works by consulting special structures that reveal puzzle pieces, eventually showing where the Grail is buried.

Finding it allows the player to build box insanely powerful structure in the town they take it to. A possible artifact that can be found or looted from its previous owner in Crusader Kings 2. Soul Sacrifice has the Sacred Chalice, which was renamed from the Holy Grail to avoid tension in Europe where Arthurian legend is still pretty important. The Chalice appears before individuals who have crossed the Despair Event Horizon and offers to make their wish come true. Should they acceptthe chalice will take a sacrifice from them and transform them into a horrifically-mutated mockery of their wish: an Archfiend.

Yeaaaaah, turns out the Chalice is the creation of the resident God of Evil meant to sow chaos, greed and destruction. Web Comics In Minion ComicsDingus is convinced that the evil organization he works for is seeking out the Holy Grail, because their leader is German and "Germans love searching for ancient artifacts. Fragments of the True Cross. Fragments of the True Cross — that is, the one on which Christ was crucified.

This one pops up pretty often in real life as well as in fiction — many congregations around the world possess fragments, usually no more than a single splinter, of an artifact discovered in the 4th century said to be the relic. The miniature chapel of doujin fairy tale castle at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry, a priceless dollhouse filled with precious and historic furnishings, contains a reliquary with an alleged True Cross fragment.

There's a common joke that there are enough fragments of the True Cross to rebuild Noah's Ark, but Rohault de Fleury, a 19thC French scholar, measured the total volume of all claimed fragments of the True Cross and found they added up to 0. Comic Books Hellboy : The titular character's massive handgun, "The Samaritan", is said to have a grip made of fragments of the cross. Pandoras Doom was revealed to have splinters of the True Cross in his armour in the Captain Britain and MI13 series, just in case he'd run into Dracula one day. In the continuity of Vampirellagiving a vampire a scratch box a fragment of the True Cross, even if it is a wound a normal human would ignore, causes pandoras monster to explode.

Literature In John Bellairs ' Johnny Dixon series of novelsthe heroes' greatest weapon against the forces of darkness is a small cross, worn box a necklace doujin a priest, containing two splinters of the True Cross. Unfortunately, it's lost in The Secret of the Underground Room when Masterman breaks the chain that Johnny doujin it on, and he realizes box that he'd forgotten to grab it from the floor and so left it in the underground room.

It turns out to be a hidden sect of Christianity that once protected the Cross and is bent on restoring it. Webcomics The webcomic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja features a selection of anti ghost wizard weapons, including a staff carved from the True Cross. The webcomic Clan of the Cats has a stake made from the True Cross as the only way to permanently kill Dracula.

Which is, admittedly, a pretty good way. However, in this story he stabs the I-Jin of Jeeves with it instead and gets sliced too badly to regenerate in return. I could have used it on myself. Could have submitted myself to a power that passes understanding. But I'm a priest. You're unholy. And the Lord separates the sheep from the goats. You've just been Deus ex Machina 'd. Nails that punctured Jesus in the Crucifixion. Nails doujin punctured Jesus in the Crucifixion are seemingly less sexy nude facial porn God's Hooks, sometimes corrupted into gadzooksoddly enough, but not unknown, let alone in fiction: they've appeared in at least one really popular series of fantasy novels.

The Dresden Files pretty early on introduces the concept of the Knights of the Cross, a trio of men who each box a sword imbued with magical anti-evil powers thanks supposedly to having one of the ancient Jesus nails worked into the hilt. Of course, the series also has a pretty firm and in this context, even slightly subversive doujin faith in something gives it power " ruleso there's no real way to tell if they're actually from the Crucifixion or not.

In a double girl taking off bra gifs nude, one of said swords might be Excalibur. The Iron Crown of cougarsexclub Lombards which was seized by Charlemagne when he defeated that Northern Italian state is reputed to incorporate such a nail.

Similarly, the Spear of Destiny in Vienna cited elsewhere box this page also incorporates an alleged nail of the Crucifixion. The spear as was supposed to have pierced Christ's side is the core; the nail and everything else would have been added later. Anime and Manga In the Hellsing manga Alexander Anderson uses in his final fight with Alucard one of the Vatican's most important relics, "Helena's Nail", to turn himself into a inhuman monster. She is said to have affixed at least one nail to the bridle of her son's horse to give him protection in battle.

In the end Merlin magically combines the three into one, which then gives Johan enough holy power to take on the demon Baalfemort which he could barely scratch before on equal terms. Stabbing a vampire in the heart with one is described as an "old school" way of killing their kind. Nobody ever gets to a chance to use it.

In LutherJoseph Fiennes' portrayal of Martin Luther makes reference to these by joking to some theological students doujin Rome has enough of these nails from the holy cross to shoe every horse in Saxony. Literature Variation on the nails legend: in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series, reference is made to how the nails were fashioned. When the time came for Jesus to be crucified, the Roman soldiers needed kate upton bikini photoshoot have nails made, but no one would make them once they found out who was to be crucified with them.

After several fruitless attempts, the Roman soldiers finally wised up and didn't tell the next forger who the nails were for—until he had made three nails and was working on the fourth. Once he found out, he then refused to finish the last nail. The soldiers took the completed three, thus supposedly explaining why Jesus had his hana montana song sex fuck nailed together instead of separately—while the doujin and his family were forced doujin flee from terrible, nightmare visions of the unfinished nail following pandoras everywhere they went.

The forger was Roma Considering the author got everything right about pandoras origin of "Gypsy" and their being native to India, and that doujin depiction doujin both sympathetic and working hard to overturn a lot of stereotypes, these little lapses can be forgiven.

Besides, it was a pretty good albeit entirely fictional? It does bring up the question of why the Roman judicial court wouldn't have entire bushels full of nails already, given how common crucifixion was.

The Princess & Pandora's Box [Fraulein Gutenberg] | DLsite Adult Doujin

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Ecchi events are waiting to be blown wide open! Nanoha, Yuuno, Arf, and Chrono went to Precia to arrest her leaving Fate alone, Fate soon woke up and decided to help everyone. Seriously those two, they always think alike.

The part where they attacked at once is so cute. Precia fell into the void with Fate reaching out to her, Nanoha shows up telling Fate to grab her hand in the series. After a box days, Doujin received a call from Chrono telling her that Fate will leave soon and she was given a chance to talk to Nanoha before leaving.

The two met up and talked with each other. Fate asked Nanoha what can she do to become friends and Nanoha answered. You say their name. Not stuff like that. You look bisexual school porn stories the person right in the eye and you call that person by name. Wondering what Fate said before that? Someday flowers lose their color and fall But the story never ends, it goes on.

My wish My love, may your tomorrows Always shine like the blue sky. I was always searching for the place where real smiles overflow. Rather than piling hope onto the invisible tomorrow, And repeating worrisome nights, I want to protect the little happiness that exists here now. The miracle I met on that day, Is connected to the prologue of a story no doujin can even imagine. Where did I wish for an end…?

Without box knowing my destination, I can hear pandoras voice. The movie overall and the series pandoras course was amazing, despite it having lolis as the main characters except the third season.