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Andrew Gnezdilov was born in Novosibirsk in Russia. He is interest to photography I am a portrait photographer, based in Dublin, Ireland.

I need some inspiration!

It is very rare that I will Martin Salender was born in Wolmirstedt, a small city in Germany. At the age of I am a Swiss photographer with a studio inside a factory close to the lake of Jayro Montesinos is a spanish photographer born and grown in Madrid. He has been I'm trainer on communication, public speaking, sales and theatre improvisation in Tag Cloud. Special Themed Contests. Memory Lane. Instant Tit Flash.

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These shots make me want to get a Missoni bikini! Did you miss it?! But when in an over-the-top private estate in Florence, you work it. The last one is my favorite… printing it for the walls! What do you think?

Sunset in Tuscany is a breathtaking event every night, even from your bedroom window or porch just peering out at the landscape and enjoying some wine.

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Now if you happen to score a private castle-like villa and sculpture garden with a fantastic nude model — well all the better! Ah beauty! Italy, cypress trees, stone sculptures, a sunset, 9 of my girlfriends, a beautiful female form, and a camera to capture it all! Christa ps. You know you want more! Get Ready for Valen-tease Day!

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December November. See Day Scar Beneath the Surface. There is a serene beauty when you look at this woman. The pose is almost heartbreaking as she stares out the window and the light soflty hits her skin and her surroundings.

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The only color in the room is the pink flowers on the wall, which implies that the subject is not sad, but only hushed. See Untitled by Jenn in full res on Flickr. Raw is the word. It is only human to feel heat and the artist has created a "real" representation of this. Her treatment nude of grit by having the close appearance of an instamatic or polaroid camera.

The ice is not foreign either whether we'd like to admit it or not. See H. T by Nausika Bongard-Bonjour in full res on Flickr. The fun use of lines and color in the composition reminds me of when we were kids. The way our imagination worked during moments of lull is what the image captures - just proof that even as adults, our imagination still runs away with us. See Bathtub racer by Jaybird in full res on Flickr. The minimalism of this nude is an effective delight. I can't help but enjoy the pose - the model on her tiptoes and the bones of her shoulders make the shot and help us appreciate the supple human real.

See Photography by Rod Monkey in full res on Flickr. I'll be frank with you: There's nothing attractive about this photo; but that's also not the point. It has raw emotion, and a veritable overload of attitude, passion, and even a touch pictures of california teens nude anger. Bloody women work.

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The rest of Maxwell's work is worth a peek as well; he's one of those betty boop sex free who is able to surprise me in good ways rather consistently. The artist attempts to portray power and women, that which is intrinsic in a stripped down "real" women.

Roots of a tree as a metaphor to the latter are elementally strong and able to withstand nature's maybe even all challenges. See Grow by Meta-morphosis in full res on Flickr. The photo is haunting as real model's spine presses against her skin. The peculiar spine is what catches the viewer's eye and arrests them to linger on nothing else. The mood is solidified by the predominant grey tones. See Untitled by Yami Ya in full res on Flickr. The image emits a whimsical feel to its viewers. The nude hands clutching the woman's back can be interpreted in many different ways and perhaps different emotions.

For example: the hand with red nail polish represents lust by use of color and the hand's slightly stronger grip on the skin. The photography eyes hold the power of this shot. You stare at her as she stares back at you with a nude sense of real. This shot seems simple, but it's far from it when beyond the eyes you start to notice the curious shape of the body, the flaws of the skin and the odd proportions.

I guess it's like looking in the mirror. See No heels, no shirt, no skirt All im in is just skin All I want to see you in is just skin. I photography a photo shoot with Tina many years ago, in ; I loved the innocence that shone through in many of her photos. A few years later, she became a glamour model - but I like to think that it was these shots that got the ball rolling It probably wasn't There are so many things one can say about this photo. The texture is lovely.

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The light adds depth. Your eyes can fool you - it takes a while to notice what you're really looking at in marjorie estiano nude photo. This nude is brilliant and unique and maybe even painful. See Untitled by Marko Matus in full res on Flickr. The warm subdued colors give the photo a Sunday morning vibe.

The mood is lazy and grateful as you think about the weekend. What makes this photo real is the detail of the hair on the model's buttocks, the light that hits the crack perfectly and the little bokkeh beside it. Wonderfully lethargic! See Morning by LightDream 7 in full res on Flickr. This sultry, alluring nude is terribly suggestive, but that's because of her eyes. They're drawing you into the shot, whatever of her body is on display.