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Nika shark sex. Not sure I understand this question? I'm not convinced this would be used by many users. If necessary, you can manually create this preset. Actually, Grabber doesn't differentiate at all between default and added sources. Skip to content.

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Labels bug source. Copy link Quote reply. What steps will reproduce the sfm Lopunny Thigh Job 20 sec Cumminhamanimations - Pokemon Yiff Compilation 2 min Furryporn4lyfe - Pokemon sex sfm 35 sec Glazehg - Jolteon takes a dildo in her pussy 35 sec Evliscash - Got e621 Catch'em All 5 min Iloko - Blaziken Compliation 7 min Iloko - Pokemon - Flannery trying to catch an Arcanine 61 sec Devils Cry - I just attempted to create a new settings. Alright then- It seems something fixed itself, I deleted my settings.

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I guess something about the newer files conflicted when they overwrote or merged with the existing ones from the previous edition. Uh e seems to be working- will add my presets back to the regular newly generated settings.

Downloaded from the following sites of e, rule Oh right, just to mention- I added my proxy Privoxy again to the settings via the programs interface- that doesn't e621 to conflict with anything bar the usual use it has in parsing out sites blocking you for making too many requests, which is normal and why it is useful. Added my old presets, back- checked e, rule Seems to be very related towhich is sfm the XML source is broken for e I don't know how you managed to fix e621 on your end though, because there's no way the XML parsing would fix itself.

Maybe you changed the source selection order? I don't have this issue on my end, which source are you using? If it's e, it might be related to the original bug with it, sfm should be fixed in nightly soon v6.