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Nagi ichi is complete shit and I'm sick of people saying his work is good Same with locon too actually. Attached: bearpenis.

Lets face it, most hentai is the same. Its always some variation of a trap being turned out by gross old men or bullies, or two traps fucking.

Lucky for me I love the trap x bbm pairing. Zelda Doshinji Trap link How the fuck did I not find this.

You guys need to look better exhentai. His best work is the gay incest stuff: predictable but always intense and loving. Shame about the scat, though. No I found it, I meant how did I not previously see it while looking through tags kek. Fuck english. I like the ones where a bully is raped and feminized. She got fat herself and clearly enjoys being a fat lard. She isn't asking anyone for sympathy and definitely doesn't deserve it.

Jow Forums. Is this still the GOAT trap doujin?

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Posts Anecdotes Trap Home. Answer this thread Start new thread. Other urls found in this thread: exhentai. I say this one is. All so far are pretty good, but I'm not Japanese Shadman can ever be beat Attached: Those are good as well, anything with fat old guys and traps gets me going. I'm not gay, I just like fapping to gay porn made for straight men. I liked this one, but I lost the rest of it and can't remember doujin name. Not even gay, but this is kinda hot.

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If your cock isn't enough to turn bois into girls you're doing it wrong. This one is. Hard as steel. I've never seen a go this wasted.

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Eh, it's just flat-chested girls with penises added on. It's "sorta" gay. You know, you don't always have to turn it up trap eleven as Reddit may advertise, right? Ignoring this gem Not o. My motherfucking nigga.

That's the shit right there. I'm shaking in my chair, these are good. Trap Doujin. Anime, Cute, and Trap: When doujin look at a cute girl after reading a trap doujin Kowalski, analysis.

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Police, Trap, and Libra: When trap police finally arrest you for downloading 10 gbs of trap doujinshi I was born with these tastes lmiust trying to act tively about it Kallin Libra Alexanderson Type folder Location: Doujin UsersiDomanickiPictures Hidouinshi Sae Contains: 10, Files, Folders Created Tuesday, July 28,PM Aktributes: ORead only only apples to fies infolder so uhh, someone posted the above picture and i checked my trap doujin folder. HAPPY up! Ass THEM!! Porn gif: Large collection of Hardcore porn gif! Auto login.

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