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I think the latter is better. The european deities I am from Finland which is close to the viking lands, that is why the addittional info, maybe even you The reader of this has viking roots?

You just ruined my experience How the HE!! Come on writers, for real.

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I enjoy this show until the moment Ivar tosses away his crutch and even that crutch working was a stretch in the battlefield. Historically the show is fairly accurate, as far as depictions of Viking beliefs, actions and attitude but the episode in season 5 where Ivar tossss his crutch away, and starts just flat walking, caused me to turn this show off. This title contains: Language.

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Parent Written by David Z. February 16, And it really shows you though probably not the intent of the creators why, despite some of the horrors and corruption in medieval Christian society and this is from a Jew who sex full well what that meansDex hammer gay was a significant improvement on Germanic paganism and a stepping stone to what we think sex as Western Civilization.

Season 1 is the best. But oh my G-d no kid should ever see this. They have sado-masochism, rape, incest, human sacrifice, they separate a man's ribs from the spine by axing his back and rip them out to create a "blood eagle" hey, it's educational, right. And it's all pretty scenes. I don't think there's ever been full nudity e. I also have a small complaint that they call themselves "Vikings" in the show, when viking is a verb in Norse. It's something Norsemen do, not their name outside of English. But that's a small quibble.

Adult Written by fires January 20, Game of thrones remade in nordic culture Read the title. Adult Written by Yasin K. November 9, Adult Written by Big-Brother November 12, bbw home video There are two versions of the series. Adult Written by nathanaelthe1stw July 15, True I get that most of violence is true for that time of age, but vikings are scenes where it is not one pit realistic to that time, like is a witch doctor that does evil thing like killing animal to give to the gods, wtf.

I have been to Norway and this tv show looks nothing like Norway or Sweden. I am 16 and even I know vikings this is not ok for kids. I don't know who wrote this review for this tv show but they were not in their right mind. Adult Written by Sadman February 3, Different versions of episodes - be careful Depending where you are or how you watch this show, you may see a different version of the episodes.

Some versions, including those on DVD, have more sex and nudity than the broadcast versions. If that concerns you - especially as some of the sex involves rape - I strongly advise pre-viewing the episodes if you have any inkling of showing it to kids though I wouldn't recommend that. One thing that's concerning is this show doesn't air on something like HBO. In Canada it airs on History, a channel that primarily airs family-friendly documentaries and the like.

Vikings (TV Series – ) - Parents Guide: Sex & Nudity - IMDb

So tread carefully. The Priest and his inner struggle between believing in GOD or ODON Season Sex -What a wonderfulinspiring and marvelous historical sex this 3rd season and every other season, has been. How did this TV script, directors, actors and actresses and all others involved in this production come together so scenes Because I am an avid historical buff, especially of the Viking period, this is one of be best TV programs, on this topic that I have ever seen.

The customs, boats and buildings, language, and the authentic looking dress design is out of this world, One can imagine ourselves, living in that society and in that time period. It is like being scenes a time machine, living in the 's AD! Especially touching and soul felt, was the tension that the Priest bravely and humbly endures through all his suffering, between his Christian vows and the Viking Gods.

Vikings same challenge seems to flow down through the ages to the 21st century. Whether to follow God, if teen girls massive widggies, or other ways. Though there was plenty of visual war scenes, beyond that, the human tendency for following riches, greed, power, envy, and even erotic videos for couples for self interests follows us to this day.

The Priest struggling to decide which path he will follow, and how all the other players evolve and change is a challenge that we all face. Thank you again for this wonderful Viking Series on History Channel and hope that it will continue to be produced for many more seasons to come.

Sansom, Ph. Adult Written by concernedparent April 21, Miss the story in Vikings The series seems to have gotten bloodier and bloodier. Where is the story of the laudable actions Ragnar takes? The crucifixion was bad enough, vikings I left the room before the scene during the last episode of a blood eagle torture performed on a living man. That was the end for this family. Ironically I've now had an epic battle with my 15 year old about watching this series further.

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I say we have and see enough violence in America without watching it for entertainment. My son, with his hormones raging, doesn't need it either. Ironic that through curtailing his view of it, violent feelings come unbidden to my home anyway,as he stormed out for a walk. This is not a series for anyone anymore because no behavior worth modeling is being learned about human history.

Adult Written by teachyoung April 14, Parental Guidance Suggested and permission given to keep teacher out of trouble.

Parents say

I don't have kids but I do teach. For better or worse most of today's kid are sexaully aware more so than what we would have could we control it. My feelings are that this show is probably okay for your average high school history class maybe at about sex year or possibly sophmore year depending on scenes kids and depending on how conservative the area and the district.

Biggest challenge with history is bringing it to life and much more so with today's generation who think the world was made the day they were born and it chiefly consists of their facebook page. Now when you want to teach the. That there was a world before they were born and outside of facebook the Vikings does it. I had a 6 th grader ask me one day "Why didn't the Indians grab some AKs" hairy pussy sex videos the conquitadores were being cruel to to them.

You need every tool and every trick you can get to bring this generation out of its shell. Yes ideally a lot of the intimate scenes could be taken out vikings the only solution I could think of now is to send permission slips home and let the parents decide. Also Vikings wouldn't show it to any kid below sophmore or maybe junior year. Vikings biggest issue I have with the show is that it gives a sympathetic view toppeople that were Invaders, commiting rape, plunder, and pillage when they could balance it out by making a show about Alfred the Great who sucessfully fought them off or even something along the lines of King Arthur when he was fighting Saxon invaders who later become tame and themselves face the Vikings.

Aslaug mounts what appears to be Floki who intermittently appears as Harbard. A spiritual threesome? Must have been the magic mushrooms. In a bath, Ragnar bathes his former slave tenderly, then pleasures Yidu Dianne Doan while he remains clothed. He and Ragnar got naked to discuss strategy with a hint of homoerotic frisson in his Roman bath.

Talk of Paris seems to get them all hot and bothered. Ooooh, Scenes geography! What foreplay! Rollo clearly has a thing for fighting topless and clearly, the actor who plays him, Clive Standen, has been doing his push-ups between takes. What is it with the Lothbrok men? They also enjoy sexy sex as a warm up to the main event yes, I mean sex. Way to kill the moment, perv. More on The Guide: The dictators who wanted it all: Saddam goes to Hollywood Dictators: the bad, the mad and the crazy Finding a ray of light in the Suicide Forest This documentary follows a man tasked with finding the bodies of those who choose to take their lives in the otherwise beautiful Aokigahara - the Suicide Forest.

Vikings greatest smackdowns Fans of Vikings will attest to the ferociousness of its cast of characters, but not every smackdown in the show is equal - some sex far more brutal than the others.

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