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The character — a Cimmerian, son of the village blacksmith — lives to seek revenge on a conquering war lord but spends most of his time getting into fights catfight superstore sleeping with tavern wenches. In that regard, the modern take is precisely the same with two standouts. The bad guy, Khalar Zym, needs her blood in order to release their ancient power for his nefarious purposes.

Ok, fair enough, but Tamara is far from a helpless damsel, which is a delight to see. And she does this on several occasions throughout the film.

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If not for her, Zym would never have found the pieces of the puzzle he was looking for. Is Conan perfect in its depictions of women?

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Unfortunately no. At one the, Tamara is tied up and gagged by Conan for attempting to run away and talking too much. None are taken by force but yes, hot tits blowjob only reason for existing is for the main who to have sex with, though we never see this happen on screen.

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