Women amateur boxing helmets

However, the International Boxing Association, known as A.

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In effect, the association concluded, there were two problems. One was that the head guards created a bigger target for boxers, who in turn attempted more head blows. The other was that the gear was giving boxers a false sense of security.

Amateur boxing: headguards removed for men but not women - BBC Sport

Actually, amateur fights as a whole have developed rules geared toward safety that you will not find in the pros. Headgear has always been an important part of this as people thought a little padding around the head can prevent the worst of it.

On the other hand, everything changed in when using headgear was also banned as a practice for the amateur fighters after studies had shown it really heightens the risk of concussions. Headgear can also obscure peripheral vision and makes it harder for the person wearing it to see, especially when they are on the receiving end of a blow aimed at the side of the head.

As we said, research has concluded that due to factors like the opponent using less force and the boxer being able to see better and dodge more easily, no headgear is the better way to go.

Why Do Some Professional Boxers Not Wear Headgear?

Professional boxers do not wear headgear during matches, as these are the official international rules. Vargas grew up sparring and competing in protective headgear, so he had never been cut in a fight before his face split open in that bloody loss at the U. Olympic team trials seven months ago.

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The gifted flyweight from Florida had to fight his way back through the challengers' bracket, surviving to earn a spot on the team. Cuts haven't been a major concern in Olympic boxing sincebut they will be a constant danger in Rio, where the male fighters will box without headgear for the first time since Moscow.

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Fighters have had three years to adjust to the change, and they've adapted with the same tenacity that made them boxers in the first place. Is There a Place for Capoeira in the Olympics? Videos Words Photos About.

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Amateur boxing: headguards removed for men but not women. Share this page. Arinze Esomnofu is a Nigerian media professional, content editor and a freelance journalist.

(Male) Olympic Boxers Will No Longer Wear Ridiculous and Dangerous Headgear | FIGHTLAND

He is currently the country manager for Flashscore Nigeria. Health Governing body drops headgear for male amateur boxers, but makes female fighters wear them Arinze Esomnofu Tuesday, Aug. After a study found headgear did not protect fighters from acute brain injury, the governing body allowed male fighters to go without yet makes female fighters continue to wear it. Author: Sarah Scoles Sarah Scoles.

Changing face of amateur boxing

Cold Facts. Author: Eric Niiler Eric Niiler. Author: Kiona N.